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VIEW: Brahmdagh, a thorn in Malik’s side

Why is Mr Malik so obsessed with this young man? If Mr Malik has been trying to lure him to the negotiation table, why has he failed so far? Why would a ‘teenager’, as Mr Malik describes him, choose to seek the independence of Balochistan? Why would Malik use force to teach him a lesson?

by Khalid Hayat Jamaldini

Whenever the issue of Balochistan’s unrest is raised with neighbouring countries, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik would demand the handover of Brahmdagh Bugti. Mr Malik holds this young man in his 30s responsible for the insurgency in Balochistan. Malik blames Afghanistan for providing him shelter and India for issuing him an Indian passport. Pakistan warned in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, that it would hand over to the Indian government evidence that its agencies are backing Bugti. They vowed to do the same thing to Afghanistan, but we are yet to see this happen publicly.
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