Family of Zakir Majeed ended 138 days long Hunger Strike

Sufferings and voice of the family unheard by NGOs, Human rights groups, Judiciary and even by media

Zakir Majeed's family press conference

RESPECTED JOURNALISTS! As you people know that my brother Zakir Majeed, the vice chairman of BSO(Azaad),was abducted on 8 June 2009 near Jungle cross Paringabad at Mastung. It was an absolutely illegal arrest and detention. There are many eye witnesses of his abduction therefore, our family has been protesting for about a year and 3 months.

Initially we held a hunger strike camp of two months in Karachi from May 13, 2010 and then continued our protest for another 3 months in Quetta. But the crimnal silence on the part of human right organizations has been a very dejecting and disappointing sign. During the protest, the state has further raised our anxieties regarding the safety of our brother.

Once the crisis cell issued a news about the release of Zakir Majeed this turned out to be false and was immediately denied by the family press conference in a few days which is in record. After that Noora Baloch a BSO azad member student of Lahore zone was tortured to give a baseless statement about the release of Zakir Majeed. Despite our extensive hunger strike, the state forces don’t seem to take any notice of it at all.

RESPECTED NEWS PERSONS! the sole purpose of our protest has been to raise our voice through print and electronic media to U.N.O. European Union and other human right organizations, so that they notice of forced abduction of Zakir Majeed and other Baloch missing persons.

We have been successful in that to some extent. Unfortunately the Pakistani electronic media has not helped us in delivering our voice to the world, the media also did not give proper coverage to our protest camp. Here we want to appeal to the media to take care of thier most nobel and great profession and sincerely project the events.

Today we are going to close our protest camp at Quetta but later on we shall extented our protest and we shall adopt various means for that purpose. We loudly appealed to the U.N.O, Amnesty International, Human Right organizations and other civilized nations to put pressure on the state for the release of my brother Zakir Majeed and other Baloch missing persons.

Thank you very much.

Zakir Majeed’s Family


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