Baloch columnist and lawyer Ali Sher Kurd martyred

Reported by  Achen & Zrombresht

OCCUPIED BALOCHISTAN – Sept 24: It has become a trend in Balochistan that weekends arrive with the news of a death of a big figure in Baloch movement by the intelligence agencies and Pakistan army. Although in weekdays Balochs of any status are disappeared or directly become victims of extra-judicial killings by Pakistan army. This week’s treat is body of Baloch renowned columnist and lawyer Ali Sher’s.
According to sources published in various newspapers, Ali Sher was abducted by the Pakistani army while he was visiting one of his relatives Dr. Salim Kurd in Gilani Road Quetta. He was abducted when the security forces raided the house. His body was recovered in Khuzdar some 300km from Quetta this morning 3 days after being abducted (from Quetta).

The recent crackdown on Baloch Lawyers took gravity when previously 2 other Baloch Lawyers Zaman Khan Marri and Munir Miwani were abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies. Zaman Khan Marri was later killed while in custody whereas Munir Mirwani is still missing. The extra-judicial killings done by Pakistani army have become a daily routine in Balochistan. Lawyer Ali Sher’s martyrdom has just once again heated the poor Balochs wound.

Political analysts believe Columnist/ Lawyer Ali Sher has been killed due to his political working and writings. Anyone aware of politics in Balochistan can easily conclude the one who opposes the oppressor in any mean result the same fate. Mr. Sher was a regular contributor to Daily Ostoman.


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