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Senior Baloch leader missing after arrest by Pakistani Frontier Corps, hunger strike protests since 132 days

OCCUPIED BALOCHISTAN – Sept 22: Zakir Majeed Baloch the senior vice chairman of BSO-Azaad is missing after being unlawfully detained by dreaded Pakistan Para-military force Frontier Corps (FC) and the Intelligence agencies since June 8, 2009. The family of the Baloch student say that they are not aware of his whereabouts and his condition in which he is being held. Most such cases in the past have turned up dead after torture. The family says that it “gravely concerned about his well-being especially after more than 20 Baloch political activists have been brutally tortured to death by Pakistan Military and the Intelligence agencies.” BSO-Azaad activists say that they have no access to legal representations and they have never been presented to any court or charged with any crimes.
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