IVBMP letter to UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon

To: The Excellency secretary general Ban Ki-moon united nation at New York USA.

Subject: Rule of law in Pakistan perspective Baloch prisoners.

Respected sir,

I would like to invite your Excellency?s attention on the subject noted above. The Baloch innocent person and civilian are being arrested and kidnapped by the security forces of Pakistan without lawful authority and jurisdiction. Termed the common Baloch as enemy combatants and imprison them without charge or access to lawyer or family, under the nose of apex court of Pakistan. Since the fundamental rights of citizens are enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan and the apex court being the custodian of constitution, it is its bounden responsibility to jealously safe guard and prevent the fundamental rights of all citizens. The security establishment chooses to attack and capture the innocent Baloch, as enemy combatants with no credible evidence. Which undermines constitutional rights by State authorize to rescind citizenship on the charge of providing,, material support,, to an organization on the IGFC?s  blacklisted. The court of Pakistan without hesitation and applying its judicial minds honored the executive and authoritarian order of IGFC. This is mockery of law and constitution. The security official specially whatever the IGFC concedes and treats them on his sweet wish and on his direction the Baloch prisoners are being subjected to similar treatment: gagged, hooded, and beaten in manner of the Afghan and other captives at Guantanamo bay. Such a brutal treatment it?s self question able under international law and law of land but the silence and ignorance of apex court of Pakistan and international community particularly United-Nation is strange.

It is to be noted that the security establishment formulated a new strategic policy to genocide the Baloch innocent persons who are in their illegal custody as enemy combatants, whereas, enemy combatants are those soldier and personnel who are captured in battlefield. So for the Baloch imprisons are concerned they are civilian and common citizen are being arrested and captured on public places, before the courts, in the chambers of their counsel even the lawyers who appear as defense counsel are being kidnapped and enforced disappearance in Pakistan. The text book examples are Muneer Mirwani Advocate and Murri Advocate.  They are nowadays in various torture cells are being killed and their dead bodies are being thrown on open public places indignity and inhuman manner as ??State policy?? aim and objective is to eliminate and exterminate the Baloch Nation and terrorize them, in the eyes of international law which tantamount international terrorism and ethnic cleansing.

Generally speaking, we frequently, quote Churchill in our speeches and debates and give reference in respect of rule of law but practically we don?t bother in which context he spoken the popular phrase ??Rule of Law,, his warning against such executive power for intelligence and preventive purpose was issued in 1943, when great Britain was facing possible destruction at the hands of the most vicious mass murder machine in Human history. In this connection Churchill says“ power of executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law and particularly to deny him the judgment of his fears, is in the highest degree odious, and the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or communist,,

The awesome atrocity and brutality of security establishment in Balochistan is in alarming position, the regular campaigning of genocide and illegal detention and enforced disappearance and extra legal killing of Baloch Nation is shocking the conscience of entire world due to lack of rule of law in Pakistan, international ignorance and none intervention of international community and its miserable behavior is a big question to apex court of Pakistan and organization of United Nations.

Keeping in view the hereinabove mentioned facts and circumstances; you?re Excellency being the guardian of United Nation is requested to take appropriate intervention and to stop further Baloch ethnic cleansing at the hands of security establishment of Pakistan on the grounds of new norms of Humanitarian and International law. It is further requested to the chief justice of Pakistan being the custodian of constitution to safe guard the Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Baloch Nation.

K. Ali Advocate
International voice for Baloch missing persons
(Coordinator for Norway)

Copy to:
The honorable chief justice of Pakistan at Islamabad.

International voice for Baloch missing persons
K. Ali Advocate k.aliadvocate@yahoo.com c/o
(Coordinator for Norway)

Fasil Baloch
Losby veien 9 1475 Finstadjorde

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