BRP Gwader Zone president Rehman Arif Baloch goes missing

President of BRP Gawader Zone has been abducted early Sunday morning along with his relative, they were going to hospital for check up of his relative but in the half way they were abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies. After a few hours the abducted relative of Rehman Arif was released but Rehman Arif is still missing.

Occupied Balochistan: BRP has protested against the abduction of their Gwadar Zone president Mr. Rehman Arif Baloch in front of Turbat Press Club here on Sunday. The protesters demanded the immediate recovery and release of all Baloch political activists. They also chanted slogans against Pakistan and its intelligence agencies.

Meanwhile the family of Mr. Abdul Rehman Arif Baloch has reported that he went missing three days ago from Karachi. According family sources Mr Baloch was looking after a relative in a Karachi hospital at the time of his abduction. On 3rd September 2010 Mr Rehman Arif along with a relative was seen leaving the hospital near Rancho Line Karachi, eyewitnesses reported that plain clothed men have stopped and abducted the BRP leader and his relative. After few hours his relative has been released but Mr Rehman Arif is still missing.

BRP and other political parties have strongly condemned the abduction of BRP’s Gwader Zone president. The Baloch Nationalist political parties vowed that extra-judicial arrests of their activists and leaders cannot weaken the Baloch struggle for their liberation. The warned of extreme protest if the abducted Baloch leaders and activists are not released until EID (the Muslim festival after the month of fasting).

Courtesy: Baloch Warna


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2 responses to “BRP Gwader Zone president Rehman Arif Baloch goes missing

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  2. Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

    It is extremely painful to read this news of the disappearnce of another brave, bright and brilliant young Baloch in Balochistan! Such brutality and savagery of the Pakistani Armed Forces, ISI and the godless Establishment of this gutter state, known as ‘Pakistan,’ is relentlessly going on against innocent and peace-loving Balochs and Sindhis! !’ We condemn this brutality and deliberate attempt of ethnic cleansing in Balochistan! We demand that these crooks, animals and criminals who are committing such barbarism in Balochistan, as well as in Sindh, must be tried in International Criminal Cort for crimes against humanity! Long Live Balochistan! Long Live Sindh!

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