Govt harassing motorcyclists in Balochistan

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QUETTA: The Balochistan government and security agencies are reportedly harassing motorcyclists in the insurgency-hit province, which has caused a sense of insecurity amongst the citizens.

For the past couple of days, police and other law enforcement agencies had made it a common practice to detain motorcyclists for hours without asking them to show the documents of their vehicles. The citizens’ time was being wasted as nearly all motorists had been stopped at many intersections of Quetta. The Balochistan government and the law enforcement agencies had failed to explain their action of stopping the motorcyclists at every intersection while the citizens had also failed to sort out this strange behaviour of the law enforcement agencies. No government spokesman or official was available to answer this recent move of the government despite the fact that common citizens and motorcyclists had nothing to with the functioning of the government and its subordinate agencies.

Ironically, no senior police official had been seen on the intersections, while low-ranking constables had been involved in this action, which had been irking the motorcyclists of the provincial capital of the insurgency-hit province. According to law, only a sub-inspector could search a person at a public place, but the law enforcement agencies had turned a blind eye to this rule.

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