Sacrifice of Martyr Nawab Akbar Khan Bughti will be ever remembered. Nazir Bhatti

Karachi: August 25, 2010. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC, in a message to Baloch nation on 4th anniversary of martyrdom of Nawab Mohammad Akbar Khan Bughti said that sacrifices of Nawab Bughti are part of history of Pakistan and shall remain land mark for oppressed nations in Pakistan.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti paid homage to services of Nawab Akbar Khan Bughti and said ’He was first Baloch leader who brought Christians, Hindus and Sikhs in mainstream politics of Balochistan and awarded due right in power of province when he was Chief Minister of Balochistan or Governor of Balochistan”

“I recall first convention of Jamhoori Watan Party JWP on Masjid Road, Quetta, when Nawab Bughti brought Bashir Masih on main stage in political arena of Balochistan” said Nazir Bhatti

In a separate message to JWP President Salim Baloch who remained close associate of Nawab Akbar Bughti and was his first lieutenant in Jamhoori Watan Party “That Pakistan Christian Congress share grief of absence of Nawab Bughti on this day and hope that oppressed nations in Pakistan will follow the principal of honor and dignity of martyr Akbar Bughti” wrote Nazir Bhatti

Pakistan Christian Congress PCC and Jamhoori Watan Party JWP shared office in Karachi and Salim Baloch acted as spokesperson and special advisor to PCC Chief Nazir Bhatti in Karachi in his absence.

After threats to JWP and PCC by secret agencies, Karachi office was closed and Salim Baloch was picked by secret agencies of Pakistan and remained missing for four years.

Nazir Bhatti expressed his concern that killers of Nawab Bughti are free in Pakistan and demanded justice in killing of Nawab Bughti.

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One response to “Sacrifice of Martyr Nawab Akbar Khan Bughti will be ever remembered. Nazir Bhatti

  1. Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

    “AcJu pinnu akharriyani, sacjanna panhijaa saariyaa,
    Ggalani taan ggorrhani juun, buunduun busi na kani,
    Sandee sika preeyani, loka dditthei na lahei.” (Shah Bhittai)

    “Today too, my eyes, like past yesterday,
    Their Beloved remember like everyday!
    Cheeks drenched with torrential tears,
    Never ending streams of raging waters;
    Beloved’s yearning deep within my soul,
    Never gets satisfied by seeing one and all.”
    (Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

    An extraordinary man of exceptional courage and valour, Nawan Akbar Bugti Shaheed, will always remain fresh and blossoming brilliantly in the hearts and souls of every Baloch and Sindhi! We salute this worthy, noble and filial son of Balochistan on the fourth Anniversary of his Shahadat! He gave his life for his beloved Motherland, Balochistan! His sacrifice, the Fatherland, will never forget! Sindhis are with you, brothers, all the way, as always! Your struggle is our struggle! Long Live Balochistan! Long Live Sindh!

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