Sardar Nadir Gichki shot dead in Tump

BLF blames Sarkari Lashkar (govt sponsered forces) for murdering Baluch leader

Occupied Baluchistan: Sardar Nadir Jan Gichki of the royal family of Mekran was gunned down outside a mosque in Tump on Wednesday evening.

According to details four assailants, in a red-coloured car, intercepted Nadir and sprayed him with bullets, killing him instantly. He received several bullet injuries all over his body. According to an eyewitness reached by telephone, the vehicle that the assailants were driving bore an Iranian registration number, presumably to mislead investigators and people, or used the Iranian number plate to cover up the murder of this renowned personality of Mekran.

There was complete shock and dismay in the entire Mekran region over the killing of such a personality who was believed to be above politics. He was the maternal uncle of Sardar Akhtar Mengal, president of the Baluchistan National Party. His son, late Hassan Gichki, had been tortured to death under judicial custody by government functionaries in 2006. Sardar Akhtar Mengal had accused the government of killing Hassan Gichki for political reasons. Nadir was in his late 70s. He was a graduate of Karachi University and remained a student leader of SM College, Karachi. He was not involved in politics, never contested elections and always kept himself above it all. He was the sardar of Tump, which covers a major part of the Iranian occupied Baluchistan.

Anwar Baluch a brother of forced-disappeared Iqbal Baluch, who was abducted in 2007, and BNM thump zone organiser Baitullah Baluch were also in the same care with late Sardar Nadir jan Gichki, fortunately, they remained unharmed Miraculously .

Meanwhile the BLF (BaluchLiberation Front) has blamed Pakistani government forces for murdering the renowned Baluch leader. The BLF said it will not let the blood of Baluch martyrs go in vain and soon they will avenge the murder of all Baluch including Sardar Gichki. The Baluch resistance Organisation reiterated that liberation movement cannot be finished by such brutal acts by the state (Pakistan).

It is worth noting that the situation in Panjgur have become very tense after the killing of two Baluch activists namely Hakeem Baluch S/O Hassan Baluch on 11 August, and Hussain Baluch, a young Baluch political activist on 16 August by FC firing. The situation has further deteriorated when the Pakistan Para-military forces abducted three leader of BNM in broad-daylight from a medical store in Panjgure. Several cities in Baluchistan remained shut for the fourth consecutive day in the aftermath of the arrests and killings of Baluch leaders and activists.

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2 responses to “Sardar Nadir Gichki shot dead in Tump

  1. proud of that great person who struggling hard for motherland

  2. Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

    “Ancjaa sei aaheen, jei sazaawaara singgiyan jaa,
    Weitthaa wacjaain jei, Sanaasee! Sunniyein.”
    (Shah Bhittai)

    “Still exist on this land, merrily they gave blood for motherland,
    Clarion call sound bugle in hand, whence Physician understand?”
    (Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

    Waja, Saaeen,

    Extremely saddened, indeed, shocked and appalled to see this heart-wrenching news of the Shahadat ofSardar Nadir Gichki at the hands of savages of this godless state known as ‘Pakistan.’ “From Him we have come and towards Him is our return.” May Allah (swt), through His Infinite Mercy and Benevolence, rest his soul in Peace and grant him a choicest place in His Gardens. Aameen.

    We send our condolences and prayers to the bereaved family and friends and to every son and daughter of this bright and brilliant land of Balochistan and beseech Allah (swt) to grant forbearance and fortitude to Waja Sardar Nadir Gichki’s family and the entire nation to bear this tragic loss with patience. Aameen.

    My humble self and almost every right thinking and sane Sindhi, strongly condemn this heinous act of vengeance, brutality and inhumanity! We strongly censure and denounce the savage Pakistani Authorities, the animal Armed Forces and the wily Intelligence Services of this failed and terrorist state!

    We also condemn the barbaric killing of Waja Sardar Nadir Gichki’s son, Shaheed Hassan Gichki, who was tortured to death by these same barbaric forces, the Sarkari Lashkar, of this miserable and scavenging country, Pakistan.

    We are also saddened and strongly condemn the cold blooded murder of the two valiant stalwarts, Shaheed Hakeem Baloch and Shaheed Hassan Baloch, of the Balochistan nationalistic struggle, who were gunned down by the same brutes in Panjgur.

    We urge and request the International human rights organizations, the United Nations to bring the savage murderers of Pakistan to justice and try them in International Criminal Courts for crimes against humanity, racism and ethnic cleansing in both Balochistan and Sindh!

    “Oh Lord! May Thee Bless my Sindh with bounties in abundance,
    Oh My Friend, my Beloved! Glorify Universe all with Thine exuberance.”
    (Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

    Long Live Balochistan! Long Live Sindh! Long Live Humanity!

    I am your brother in mourning,
    Ahmed Makhdoom,

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