Lal Bakhsh Rind passes away

QUETTA: Mir Lal Bakhsh Rind, a prominent Baloch political activist ’70s, passed away after protracted illness. He was 78 and left behind a daughter to mourn his death.

He was laid to rest in Karachi. Thousands of people, mostly political workers and trade union activists, participated in his funeral.

Initially, Lal Bakhsh Rind suffered a bone fracture and was on wheel chair. During this period his health started falling and he became a chronic patient of Asthma, heart patient and high blood pressure. In few days back he was shifted to a local hospital for treatment his condition became precarious. He breathed his last this morning. His funeral took place at his Lyari Home where thousands of people attended his last rites.

He belonged to a middle class family having high respect among the local people in Karachi and major parts of Sindh and Balochistan. His family members were social activists and participated in politics.

Lal Bakhsh Rind devoted his entire life in politics, particularly the progressive politics in Sindh and Balochistan. His students included a large number of Punjabis and Pakhtuns. Rather, the Pakhtun Students Federation and Sindhi Students Federation were formed by the Pakhtuns and Sindhi students at his residence which was considered the political headquarters of National Awami Party and Baloch Students Organization.

Lal Bakhsh Rind was one of the brains who converted the character of BSO from a social and educational organization to a complete political organization taking up the political agenda publicly and openly.

Since his residence was political headquarters, dozens of people, mostly students and political activists, were found discussing political and other issues. He never discriminated any one during the discussion and encouraged all to participate in the debate and form a consensus on political and constitutional issue.

He was a close aide of late Mir Ghous Bakhsh Bizenjo, Mir Gul Khan Naseer, Sardar Ataullah Mengal, Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, late Shero Marri, Mr. Mahmoodul Haq Usmani and dozens of other prominent Bengali, Sindhi and Pakhtun leaders. Most of the leaders were frequent visitors of his residence and met him exchanging views on pressing problems of the country.

He was one of the influential men who discouraged fascist tendencies among the Baloch students and political activists and kept them far away from fascist tactics and ideology. He was a progress worker and remained a member of the Communist Party since his early life.

He was widely respected in Sindh and Balochistan. He was arrested off and on trump up charges and remained in custody for long for his political views. During his custody, he was tortured in an inhuman manner. He was close to death during the police torture during the Bhutto regime. He was personally involved in issuing orders to kill him on sight. The orders were issued only when he was released from Karachi jail following dismemberment of Pakistan.

He remained a member of the high council of the NAP and Baloch National Movement framing policies till late 1980s. He parted ways from Baloch national politics and devoted all his energies on progressive movement. In fact, it proved to be his isolation from Baloch national movement and remained slightly ignored barring his close friends and relatives.

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3 responses to “Lal Bakhsh Rind passes away

  1. Mansoor Akbar

    Accidently came across the sight to know about Mr. Rind’s passing away. Although I knew of his passing away thru my sister from Lyari, it gives me an oppertunity to express my sorrow once again on his demise. Every time I travelled from Houston, Texas to my home in Lyari, Karachi, I made sure to pay my respects to my political mentor. He was always happy to receive me,
    and talked about good old days. I and several of my student friends started visiting him almost every day in our teens and we learned lots of political ideology from him. Since early 60’s his house was the headquarter of Baluchi Politics. Being a Rind, he was the most handsome guy among us. Every body respected him. On my future visit I will make sure to pay my respects visiting his grave. R.I.P. Mr. Rind, our teacher of principled politics.

  2. Innaa lillahi wa innaa ialhi raajioon
    May Allah grant him paradise and give his family patience.Amin.

  3. Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

    سانئِيَمِ! سَدائِين ڪَرِين، مَٿي سِنڌُ سُڪارَ دوستَ! مِٺا دِلدارَ، عالَمُ سَڀِ آبادِ ڪَرِين؍
    (شاھُ ڀٽائيؒ)
    “Oh Lord! May Thee Bless my Sindh with bounties in abundance,
    Oh My Friend, my Beloved! Glorify Universe all with Thine exuberance.”
    (Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

    مانوارا سُنھڻان مِٺِڙا ساٸين؍
    خوش ھجو شال سسداٸين؍
    لکين قرب ۽ مهربانيون؍اوهان جا لک لائق ۽ احسان؍
    مـُون کـي جِـيـَارِيـنِ، وايُـون وَڻـجـَارَن جـون؍
    (شاهه ڀٽائيؒ)


    Extremely pained and grieved to learn about the sad demise of a valiant Baloch soldier and filial son of both, Balochistan and Sindh, Saaeen Lal Bux Rind. “From Him we come and towards Him is our return!”
    May the soul of this remarkable man rest in Eternal Peace and May Allah (swt) grant him choicest place in His Gardens. Aameen.
    My condolences, sympathies and commiserations for the entire family of Late Saaeen Lala and my sincere prayers to Almighty to grant fortitude and forbearance to the family and friends to bear this tragic loss with patience. Aameen.
    اَڄُ نَہ اوطاقُن ۾؍ سي طالِبَ تَنواريِن؍
    آديسي اُٿي ويا؍ مَڑھيۇن مۇن ماريِن؍
    ھۇجي جيٸَ کي جياريِن؍ سي لاھۇتي لَڏي ويا؍
    (شاھُ ڀِٽاٸيؒ)

    “Acju na otaaqun mein, sei taliba tanwaareen,
    Aadeisee uthee wayaa, marrhiyuun muun mareen,
    Huu jei jeeya khei jiyaareen, sei laahuutee laddei wayaa.”
    (Shah Bhittai)

    “Alas! Worthy devotees found not in courtyards today,
    Noble disciples gone forever, their solemn absence does slay,
    Filial ones nourished our souls, no more in motherland stay.”
    (Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

    I am your brother in mourning,
    Ahmed Makhdoom

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