Bullet riddled bodies of two Baluch disappeared persons recovered in Quetta

Occupied Baluchistan: Two bullet-riddled bodies of missing Baloch people were found in Quetta on Friday morning.

According sources the bodies were recovered from Killi Khali area of Brewery Road. The bodies’ hands and feet were tied. The local police moved the bodies to Bolan Medical Complex Hospital for autopsy. Hospital sources said the bodies had been shot in the heads and had clear marks of violence. The bodies were identified as Bahar Khan Bangulzai, a resident of Faizabad, Sariab Road and Gulam Qadir Marri, who had been missing for a month. The deceased Bahar Khan’s father, Baig Muhammad Bangulzai, said that his son was whisked away by Pakistani Para-military personnel from Ghai Khan Chowk on June 31,2010. He said he had filed a petition in the Balochistan High Court and nominated the security agencies for abducting his son, but the court has failed to provide him justice.
According to the Balochhal News, a doctor requesting anonymity said that the victims were brutally killed by hitting bullets on their heads and there were several marks of torture on their bodies and faces.

The other deceased Ghulam Qadir Marri, who was the watchman of Girl Primary School New Kahan, was arrested from New Kahan Quetta. Ghulam Qadir had been arrested twice before as well but he was later let go after severe torture.

An organization supported by Pakistan’s Intelligence Agencies, Sipah Showda-e-Balochistan, accepted responsibility for the killing of both persons and appealed Balochs to remain away from Baloch Liberation Army, Baloch Liberation Front and other Baloch resistance groups.

It is worth mentioning here six dead bodies of Baluch forced-disappeared persons had already been found in Quetta in span of a week only. The same aforementioned Organisation had claimed responsibility for murdering the Baluch youth.

Speaking to the Balochhal News, Nasrullah Baloch, Chairman of Vice for Baloch Missing Persons(VBMP) has strongly condemned the killing of Bahar Khan Bangulzai, saying FIR of his abduction was registered against government agencies and a petition was also submitted in Balochistan High Court.

He said that Mr. Bangulzai was picked up by Pakistani intelligence agencies from Gahi Khan Chowk in the presence of his father and brother and VBMP was protesting and making efforts for his recovery. “We have received six dead bodies of missing persons within a short span of two weeks and the issue of missing persons is getting a new dimension and they are being killed”, he added.

VBMP chairman said that there were marks of torture on his face and his nose was chopped off with an instrument and bullets were hit on his head.

He alleged that judiciary of the country was not taking the case of missing persons from Balochistan seriously and feared that all missing persons would be killed if this issue was not given proper attention.

He appealed the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations to play their role for recovery of missing persons.

On the other hand an abducted student, Tariq Baloch, was released from Wadh area of Khuzdar district on Friday, around 300 kilometres from Quetta.

Tariq Baloch, member of the Baloch Student Organisation (BSO-Azad), was abducted from Gahi Khan Chowk of Quetta three days ago. He was unconscious when the abductors left him in an uninhabited place in Wadh. Baloch was moved to district headquarters hospital for treatment. A spokesman of BSO-Azad accused the security agencies of abducting Baloch.

Source: Baloch Warna


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2 responses to “Bullet riddled bodies of two Baluch disappeared persons recovered in Quetta

  1. Ruksana Gishkori

    who is responsible for all this?why 2 day these poor innocent people are being torture killed for no reason where are those so called elders ,leaders 2 day, i think through what today baloch nation is going it is just beoz of them never planed never thought for them just see the people who migrated today the are more powerful then us why?beoz they have unity their elders & leaders planed for them today President of Pakistan is bending in front of their leader today they are not asking but demanding that Karachi & some areas of sind should be given to them,see the situation in Karachi today.all the politician are running to Karachi every day why beoz their leaders is strong just take example of flood in balochistan any leader announced to help them dont you think they can.i pray for the poor innocent balochs may Allah help them

  2. Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

    This is nothing new – such atrocities and heinous crimes against simple, innocent, peace-loving Baloch people, has been going in since the very inception of this ugly, terrorist, godless, corrupt, savage and failed state known as ‘Pakistan.’ We, and all civilised people in the world, are demanding that such brutal crimes against humanity, such genocidal practices, such barbaric ethnic cleansing perversions by the Punjabi-influenced Pakistan Intelligence, Punjabi-controlled Armed Forces and the Punjabi-dominated Government should be brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and International Court of Justice (ICJ)! We salute the Martyrs of Balochistan!

    On 14th August, the Blackest Day in the history of mankind, when this illegitimate state of Pakistan was created by the thugs and goons, should be ‘celebrated’ as the “BLACKEST DAY” and, to show our revulsion, anger and disgust, we must burn the flag of this erstwhile nation in public, in open and in daylight, everywhere in Sindh and Balochistan! Long Live Balochistan! Long Live Sindh!

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