Tribute to Martyr’s of Soráp

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One response to “Tribute to Martyr’s of Soráp

  1. Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

    We salute the Martyrs of Soraap! This is nothing new – such atrocities and heinous crimes against simple, innocent, peace-loving Baloch people, has been going in since the very inception of this ugly, terrorist, godless, corrupt, savage and failed state known as ‘Pakistan.’

    We, and all civilised people in the world, are demanding that such brutal crimes against humanity, such genocidal practices, such barbaric ethnic cleansing perversions by the Punjabi-influenced Pakistan Intelligence, Punjabi-controlled Armed Forces and the Punjabi-dominated Government should be brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and International Court of Justice (ICJ)! We salute the Martyrs of Balochistan!

    On 14th August, the Blackest Day in the history of mankind, when this illegitimate state of Pakistan was created by the thugs and goons, should be ‘celebrated’ as the “BLACKEST DAY” and, to show our revulsion, anger and disgust, we must burn the flag of this erstwhile nation in public, in open and in daylight, everywhere in Sindh and Balochistan! Long Live Balochistan! Long Live Sindh!

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