WARNING: “Daily Tawar”!

Warning of being targeted and attacked issued to newspaper ‘Daily Tawar’.

Unknown people have stamped a poster of a skeleton and a gun showing symbol of “Death” on the main door of the newspaper’s office followed by warning of being targeted. These attack warnings were pasted when no one was in the office.

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The news agency carried out an investigation to find out the unknown elements behind this inglorious act but could not spot any. In the light of the current situation in Balochistan many questions arise regarding this issue.

‘Daily Tawar’ has always been transparently reporting the issues and covering the current affairs regardless any pressure and temptations it has been facing. In such it is possible that the transparency and completing of duties of the news agency could have become intolerable for some forces resulting a conspiracy of targeting ‘Daily Tawar’ and its components in order to silence it. The latest warning is a yoke to these conspiracies. After fail attempts of seduction, promptings and pressure like tactics against ‘Daily Tawar’ for its neutral reporting and true lightening of current affairs, it is possible these forces have decided to directly target the news agency.

Anyhow, be it any reason, the news agency believes this attack by the hitherto forces is not only against ‘Daily Tawar’ but against entire Baloch journalism. ‘Daily Tawar’ wants to clear it on all those forces who are trying to silence the Baloch journalism for their own benefit that it (Daily Tawar) holds overwhelming public support due to commitments to interpret the circumstances truly according to public will.

Hence ‘Daily Tawar’ with entire public force, will unsuccessful such degrading and stinky conspiracies.

Daily Tawar



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2 responses to “WARNING: “Daily Tawar”!

  1. en shaallah ek din zaror aazadi ka soraj tolo ho ga mery watan me

  2. This disgraceful, inhuman and perverted act of cowardice and revenge is an attack, not just on “Daily Tawar” and Balochistan but on entire humanity! We, the sensible people of the world, must condemn this vicious, vile and vitriolic deed of the terrorists and tyrants, against peace-loving, civilised and cultured people of Balochistan and the ‘voice of the nation,’ their newspapers. People of Sindh vehemently censure this act of cowardice! Long Live Balochistan! Long Live Sindh!

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