Baloch Muslha Tanzeem claims responsibility for Jalib’s murder

QUETTA: The Baloch Muslha Defai Tanzeem, an underground anti-Baloch nationalists group, has accepted responsibility for the killing of Balochistan National Party (BNP) leader Habib Jalib Baloch.
A spokesman for the mysterious group, who identified himself as Mir Jhang Khan, called Noshki Press Club and accepted responsibility for the target killing of the senior BNP leader. Jalib had previous escaped a similar assassination attempt on his life when unidentified persons had opened fire on a BNP rally in Quetta. The spokesman of the same organization had claimed that Jalib had been the actual target of the firing incident.

The spokesman also warned the journalists of Khuzdar not to report anything about the Baloch National Front or Baloch Liberation Army. Otherwise, he warned, they would be targeted.

Source: The Baloch Hal

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One response to “Baloch Muslha Tanzeem claims responsibility for Jalib’s murder

  1. Bilal Agha

    Now from where does this tanzeem came into being . A person like Habib sahib should not have been the target. A pillar of BNP collapsed 2day. Not happy at all. I have no idea why will some one plan to kill a person like him . Baluch musalha who are you and what do you want . Azad balochistan????? but why Habib jalib or people like Maula baksh and naeer langov??? No idea where are we heading .. RIP habib sahib .BNP will miss you always .

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