Don’t Enter Baloch Areas: BNM Threatens Islamic Preachers

The Baloch Hal News

QUETTA: The Baloch National Movement(BNM), a political party which supports the idea of an independent Balochistan, has warned all the non-local Islamic preachers of the Thableeji Jamat not to enter in the Baloch areas of the province.

The announcement was made by the Quetta District President of BNM in a statement issued to the media.

He said the Islamic preachers coming from provinces other than Baochistan promoted secterianism among the masses and undermined the ongoing Baloch nationalist movement.They should be prevented from entering the Baloch populations.

The BNM has appealed to the local Baloch religious scholars to cooperate with it to prevent the non-local preachers from entering into Baloch areas.

It is the first time that the Baloch nationalists have taken such a hard stance against the religious preachers who are seen by some as a tool to counter the Baloch nationalism in the region.

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