We are very proud of the sacrifices made by Baloch youth: BNM

Occupied Balochistan, Quetta: A statement issued by Central Correspondent of Baloch National Movement reported that three baloch youths were abducted by secret agencies whom belonged to Bangulzai tribe, in which one Baloch youth Faiz Ullah Baloch was martyred and his remains were left behind by the abductors in Civil Hospital, and the other missing person include are Mange Khan Baloch and Bahadur Baloch.

Mange Khan was abducted from Hazar Ghanji area while Bahadur Khan and Shaheed Faiz ullah Baloch were abducted from a petrol shop in hazar ghanji, it is also to be cleared here that faiz ullah baloch was the one who was the organizer of a great balochi deewan (Function) in Ispilingi area. The Correspondent also stated that BNM is very proud and salutes the sacrifice made by Faiz Ullah Baloch, the correspondent said We are proud on youth like these who are martyred because they belong to the movement of Baloch nation but we would like to clarify here this that one can be killed in the physical manners but ones ideologies can never perish they stated that Shaheed Faiz Ullah Baloch was martyred in a very inhuman way his both hands were tied behind his back and a paper was clamped with his neck in which words were written against baloch nation and Baloch organizations. The Correspondent stated that in a similar case rasool bux mengal also suffered the same faith, they stated that Faiz Ullah Baloch was martyred because of his involvement in Baloch movement in this way we salute the family member of shaheed who have given birth to such sons who have become couragous in the eyes of the enemy and thus we are in need of such Baloch youth on them we are very proud who sacrifices themselves for national liberation and have engaged themselves to the last drop of their blood.

Source: Baloch Johd

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  1. All freedom-loving, civilised human beings all over the world salute you, Oh, worthy children of your Mother, Balochistan! We Sindhis, although broken, truncated, divided amongst themselves are, surely, united in saluting you for your sacrifices for your fatherland. We love you and we are with you! Long Live Balochistan! Long Live Sindh!

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