BLA disowns killing of girls, threats to NGOs

QUETTA: The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), a shadowy armed group fighting for Balochistan’s independence, has denied his organization’s involvement in a recent grenade attack in Quetta which killed two little girls and separate threats issued to the NGOs in Mastung.

Azad Baloch, a BLA spokesman, told the media on Saturday from an unknown location via satellite phone that the grenade attack in Quetta which recently killed two young sisters had not been perpetrated by his organization. A so-called BLA spokesman, Chakar-e-Azam, who had accepted responsibility for the killing of two little girls by using BLA’s name while presenting himself as the spokesman of the underground group, has no affiliations with the BLA, he clarified.

The BLA spokesman also refuted the media statements that his organization had threatened the NGOs in Mastung saying that the BLA had not issued such warnings in spite of not being fully satisfied with the role of the NGOs operating in Balochistan.

He warned certain individuals and groups to refrain from using BLA’s name while claiming responsibility for certain operations which were in fact not masterminded by the BLA. The spokesman said BLA would punish the people who tried to defame it by wrongly using its name.

Source: The Baloch Hal News

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