BNF member abducted by Pakistani secret agencies

Occupied Balochistan, Khuzdar (Baloch Johd): Another member of Baloch National Front (BNF) abducted, while he was traveling from Khuzdar to Quetta. BNF member Shams Baloch was shifting her ill mother on an ambulance for treatment to Quetta. Frontier Corps (FC) personnel has stopped the ambulance in “Luckpass” area of Mian Ghundi check post, suddenly Toyota 2D car with arm men appeared.

They have abducted the Shams Baloch on the force of arms. Sikandar Nothani the younger brother of Shams Baloch has stated in Khuzdar Press club, that my brother was taking the mother for treatment to Quetta, but Intelligence agencies abducted him with the help of FC personnels, my ill mother did not bear the shock and fainted on the spot, still she is not stable. My brother is kidnapped like Rasool Baksh Mengal, we fear he will be killed like him.

Source: Baloch Johd

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  1. Such heart-wrenching news of mothers losing their sons, sisters losing their brothers and families losing their loved ones continue to be heard on almost daily basis. In this horrible failed state of Pakistani, humanity is slowly, but surely, breathing its last. And, the civilised world keep their ears closed and eyes shut! Balochistan, the world may abandon you, but not Sindh. Sindhis will go all the way, right up to the end, with their Baloch brothers and sisters. Long Live balochistan! Long Live Sindh!

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