The interests of Russia and America in Balochistan

Crucial time for Baloch leadership to make right decision

Written by Hafeez Hasanabadi
Translated by Archen Baloch

In pitch battles, for the last 5 years, Baloch nation is lonely fighting its war against powerful Pakistani state. And the big powers have contented themselves by adopting a notorious policy of silence and declaring Baloch issue an internal matter of Pakistan, despite the fact that it has committed barbaric state sponsored genocide of Baloch nation. And they have been forced to live a shelter less lives in number of hundreds of thousands. However, the uprising of Baloch national struggle for freedom and the public support of it in mass has succeeded, to some extent, in attracting the world powers attention.

Keeping in view this interest, American ambassador Anne W Patterson visited Balochistan and expressed her intention of opening up a consulate in Quetta. Right after that visit, Russian counsel also, on behalf of his country, expressed his interest of investing in Balochistan. In his he said that “peace in Balochistan would be established only when the rights of Balochistan people are resorted back to them, and then the horizon of investment would expand there”.

The latter part of the sentence of Russian counsel talk is quite correct, that if peace prevails in balochistan, then investment would follow the suit, and people start thinking about mega projects. But, keeping in view the current situation of world politics, it is extremely necessary to explain and rectify the first part of the sentence so that the big powers, including America and Russia would not take wrong steps along the lines of misinformation provided by Iran and Pakistan, which would result into disastrous consequences.

Now let us come to the first part of the statement of Russian diplomat, without which nothing can be deduced. The first part of his discourse is so identical to that of Pakistani establishment and the federal and provincial ministers who are often seen to have stating things about Baloch national issue which have nothing to do with reality. Today it isn’t the case of what Pakistan should give to Baloch nation. Rather, today Baloch is hell bent on to restore its lost national sovereignty over its homeland for peace and prosperity at any cost. They say that they have nothing to do with Pakistani map, because they share no historical and economic relationship with it. Therefore, it would be a historical blunder, if, in the name of rights, Russia or America wished Pakistan to throw some leftover in front of Baloch, and this would force them to abandon their national identity!

Baloch national issue isn’t an economic crisis; rather, it is a complete political problem, based on Baloch nation’s unnatural division, and illegal occupation of its homeland. Even though, to prolong their occupations, Pakistani and Iranian rulers, with their ubiquitous allegation, do not hesitate to charge that Baloch are secessionists and agents of America, Russia, India and Israel, yet they can’t pluck the courage to acknowledge the reality and face the simple question, that is: what is your relationship with Baloch nation? Or this question: if you do not relinquish an inch of your own homeland, then under which humanitarian and international laws, you have divided Baloch nation and its land into different parts? Can’t you be ashamed of your conduct of annihilating Baloch as a nation?

Such aggressive policies have compelled Baloch nation to think about different dimensions of their struggle for survival. Now they have realized that if their slavery lingers any further more, undesirable adverse impacts would prove disastrous for their identity. Baloch, subjugated under Persian domination, have been pushed against the wall to such an extent, that they even cannot baptize their children with Balochi names like Miran, Gowahram Mazarhan, Shalli, Banadi and Durren Malik. They are not allowed to adopt Baloch language as medium of instruction in the schools. Those who raise such question would be ridiculed at. In schools Baloch history is not taught. In political and social life Baloch are totally excluded. For example, Chahabar, a purely Baloch populated city, is totally being administered by non-Baloch, from a sweeper to a high ranking official, all are Persian. In short, wearing Balochi attire in Iranian occupied Balochistan is an indignity. Regarding the situation there, there must raise a question for the civilized world and the world powers as well that “if it is not a genocide of a nation? Then what is it”?

The same heinous crimes are also being committed by Pakistani state occupied Balochistan. Here too Balochi language is not allowed to be taught in schools. No stone is unturned to erase Baloch history. Standard mark is stipulated to enticement and appeasement of Islam. Therefore, for the last 62 years all decisions have been made against Baloch nation. No one of those who came in power dared to speak against these accesses, because, before coming into power, they had to mortgage their language, patriotism in Islamabad. But, whenever they realized their mistakes and dared to speak up, were kicked out of power disgracefully. Today, as it has already been said, for the sake of survival, Baloch nation has decided their future beyond Pakistani geography. That is way; public power is resting with pro-independent forces. Therefore, it is unrealistic and it amounts to ignorance to say that Pakistan would put Baloch rights at their doorsteps. Rather, it exacerbates the situation furthermore. The reason is simple: even an empty diplomatic statement from a super power country like Russia would encourage Pakistan to regard it a clear and explicit support for Islamabad and it would demonstrate to the world that Russia is an ally against Baloch national struggle for freedom, which eventually would create undesirable sentiments against Russia in Baloch political society. And this would create direct adverse impacts on the war against terrorism of those; with whom, Russia is an ally, one way or another.

Positive role required from Russia: the complexity of Afghan problem and the sphere of influence of Pakistan has pushed America along with its NATO allies, including the entire civilized world, into a difficult quagmire, whereby it has become a compulsion of business for Pakistani state to continue the game of drawing lines between Islam and other religions. For this purpose, Pakistan is using its old Mullah allies, (including masques) and it cashing in for the role of the drama, in which it is playing as an ally in the front line of the war against terrorism.

In a time when, almost all mosques in Pakistan are engaged in a propaganda campaign against America and the West (including Christianity), there should be an uncontroversial or less controversial power in the region, which could stand in between to prevent the abhorrence against America, West and Christianity, deterring them from falling into the hands of extremist forces.

As Russia has already its roots in this region, therefore it is easy for it to emerge as a relatively uncontroversial progressive big power.

There is no doubt in it that Russia China, America and Europe have their own interests and reservations. But all these countries are unequivocally united on three points: * to free the region from Islamic extremism, *drug trafficking, *proliferation of WMD.

The credit goes to Russia and China for the weak grip of America and NATO over these three issues and the lack of appropriate pressure over Iran. The war in northern region of Pakistan has had positive impacts on the war in Afghanistan. But the same task, which is being not done whole heartily by Pakistan is going to get done by Iran.

As Iran has engaged world community into a complex situation over its biggest atomic program, therefore, it largely dominates all other issue, whenever talks take place. By turning this important issue into a smokescreen, Iran has taken in Russia, which, so far, did not demonstrate the seriousness to the desirable extent, by relating the two remaining issues with Iran.

It is my point of view that if the world community did not get rid of these issues, Russia and India would be the ones, who bear the brunt of losses, most of all. (As India is already present with an active role, therefore it is out of our discussion) although it was America and NATO states who fought the war and, are still fighting it. Though the access of extremists to reach them is not impossible, but it could prove extremely hard for them. However, besieged by the extreme difficulties, it is not possible for Russia to deter the callous terrorists; because, if the criterion of jihad is confined only to the war against non-Muslim and the Caliphate of Muslims, then Russia is fully fit for their mark. And they already had a successful jihad against it. So, keeping in view its interests, first, Russia should openly cooperate with America and NATO on these three issues, and then it would be easy for it to overcome its countless difficulties. (The technical dimensions of the subject are not under discussion here) the first brave and prudential step that Russia has taken against Iran’s nuclear program is praiseworthy and a just policy in every aspect.

New aggressive thinking required: Entire world powers, including Russia, America and Europe, have to think in different dimensions about resolving all issues related to this region by taking aggressive steps. And that thought should be founded on a reality, that “Pakistan and Iran are the root cause of all problems.”

It is stupidity and wastage of time to think that by regime change or change of party at power, the problems would be resolved. Therefore, the countries that are thinking to invest in this region should encourage those forces, which can help resolve the above mentioned issues, instead of relying on these states and allowing them to thrive on intrigues and corruption.

So far as the both states, Pakistan and Iran are concerned, they are unable to help anyone, unless and until the problems of occupied nationalities are resolved. And the solution of the issues of these nationalities is resting only in the recognition of their freedom.

If Russia and America did not show any seriousness on this idea, neither they will be able to achieve success in Afghanistan nor does their public have a sound sleep of peace. Like an irresponsible country such as Pakistan, Iran, controlled by fanatic mullahs, is about to possess atomic bomb and it would exacerbate the existing problems around the world in several folds.

Therefore, it is necessary for Russia and America to regard Baloch nation a separate entity while coining any policy towards Iran and Pakistan. Today Baloch are moving towards the direction, where they will be able to make autonomous decision. The failure of gas pipeline project between Pakistan Iran and India, and the failed designs of Pakistan in Gwader are an eye opening example. Given the spiraling precarious situations, it is easy to say that within a few years time, it would be utterly impossible for Pakistanis to loot the precious minerals and transport them to Karachi from RicoDik, Saindek and Jahlawan.

Historical moment for Baloch leadership to take correct decision: Now it is no more a secret that Baloch Motherland has become the mouth watering focal point of interests of America and Russia including the entire world. We should not be embarrassed of this new phenomenon of interest, because all countries around the world devise their policies according to their interests. Keeping in view of national interest trade and developments are carried out. It is just like a customer buy goods from a shopkeeper, by this interaction, both customer and the shopkeeper are satisfied and happy. Under the same potential principle, world economy is progressing ahead which is the direct antonym of loot, corruptions and exploitation.

Baloch are the owner of their homeland, therefore, by keeping in view their national interests, they should concentrate on policy making efforts according to universally excepted principles. But they cannot get their policies recognized, unless they made it clear that no power can do anything without their consent.

The day when Baloch reached to this position, the world would begin to value their national interests, just as they expect good conduct from other nation to value their national interests.

Even though it is difficult as yet, but the day Baloch succeeded in moving towards forming an alliance (more active than the current Baloch National Front). No power would ignore Baloch national interest while devising one’s own policy of national interests, because, only the balanced mutual interests between Baloch and other nations would grantee successful agreements.

To sum up the argument, we want to explain the point about the “Grant Alliance”, because, there are some opportunists who want to exploit the concept of the Grant Alliance by presenting their own diversionary interpretation.

Our main objective is to see all those Baloch political forces into one single alliance or a party, who have dispensed with Pakistani parliamentary politics altogether and struggling for the freedom of their homeland. We understand that unity among pro-independent forces leads to national redemption. Similarly, we believe that any parliamentary political alliance, that ever took places, would turn out to be a deadly poison for Baloch national struggle for freedom, which legally justifies Pakistani sovereignty over external and internal affairs. If pro parliamentary parties were brought in power with an organized strength, it would create difficulties for pro- independent forces for defending their struggle for freedom externally and internally. In such condition, occupying states of Baloch homeland would be the indirect beneficiary by exploiting the legitimacy of Baloch parliamentary politics – they could take in any world power, including Russia and America by asserting that Baloch are satisfied with Pakistani sovereignty and that they want internal autonomy with more power, for which it is ready confer with. Therefore, there exists no pro-independent force. At the same it would be easy for Pakistan to dub the pro-independent forces as secessionists that, that have made their way into public. And that by the help of international community they could be eliminated and peace would prevail all around and the possibility of investment would increase.

The powers, which are in need of a certificate to carry out mass genocide of Baloch pro-independent forces, should come forwards and support pro-Pakistani parliamentary forces.

Similarly, those who want to see the pro-independent forces to succeed, should come forwards and sever their all ties with Pakistan, until Balochistan gains its freedom.

This is the only way of emancipation of Baloch nation, which forces the world powers to pay attention to Baloch national interests. Otherwise by remaining as a Pakistani unit, no one would care about the will of our nation, just as they had never cared in the past and all our future affairs too would be determined according to Islamabad’s will.

Courtesy: DailyTawar

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