Rogue state of Pakistan violating Western laws, says A.F.B

GENEVA, JUNE 16: A Balochistan independence worker warned the Western world and the Baloch Diaspora about rogue state of Pakistan and some roguish elements masquerading as Baloch activists who are hell bent upon damaging the Baloch fight for peace, justice and liberty.

Addressing a Press conference in the presence of Mehran Baluch, Baloch people’s representative at the U.N. Human Rights Council at the Geneva Press Club here on Wednesday morning, Ahmar Mustikhan, founder of the American Friends of Balochistan blasted Pakistan intelligence services for shadowing and hounding Baloch independence activists in spite of the freedoms of the West.

Mustikhan also cautioned the Baloch Diaspora against the Fifth Column in their rank whose loyalties are unclear and whose main task seems to be confusing the international movement for the liberation of Balochistan.

Following is the full text of Mustikhan’s speech:

Geneva I am told can be a roguish city and I believe it. I mean someone who said he is a Baloch called me twice this past winter using two different names and when I saw him in Geneva, he had a third name. To this day, I do not have any clue whether he is a Baloch dedicated to Balochistan’s independence or not.

Maybe it is for this reason rogue states like Pakisitan have so much clout in this beautiful city. Can you believe me when I came to book the Geneva Press Club for our Press conference there was anxiety about the behavior of the goons belonging to the Pakistani mission. I told the management here very pointedly, the Pakistan mission is not invited and will not be allowed to create trouble.

This is Europe, considered to be far more open and liberal than the U.S.A. Here most dealings are done directly. And if you do not believe me go to the Rue de Berne in downtown Geneva after sunset.

But here in this city, the Pakistani goons are trying to silence the voice of Baloch independence is an affront for the international community.

Just the other day I was having food with Mehran Baluch and agents of the world infamous agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence agency was taking our pictures. What is this nonsense? Is this not a violation of the openness that Europe is famed for?

Then this whole problem that has been created for the Interfaith International at the U.N. Human Rights Council. In Balochi language we say I did not catch the thief the thief caught me. I appeal to the civilized nations not to let the freedom of expression be muzzled in any way at the U.N. Human Rights Council.

The independence movement of Balochistan is a reality to which the world community can no longer close its eyes. It is not a separatist movement in any way, for Balochistan was never a part of Pakistan. And this word Pakistan did not exist in the Urdu dictionary until 1940.

I have here in this room a young man Noordin Mengal, who lost his two uncles in two different political periods for the same goal — independence of Balochistan. His uncle from his father’s side Mir Asadullah Mengal was abducted and killed in 1976 and to this day his body has not been found. His second uncle from his mother’s side Mir Balach Marri was martyred by the Musharraf regime.

Some petty minds, who I do not think are either Baloch or Sindhis, are engaged in character assassinations of our martyrs like Mir Balach Marri and Ghulam Mohammad Baloch for reasons beyond our comprehension and I am sure no Baloch or Sindhi would forgive them.

I am honored to sit next to a martyr’s brother, Mehran Baluch. His father Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri is our national father as Nawab Marri is Baba-i-Azadi or father of the Balochistan liberation movement and consistently and most steadfastly called for Balochistan’s independence for four decades now.

Mehran Baluch’s elder brother Hyrbyair Marri and also his brother-in-law Brahumdagh Bugti are Balochistan national heroes.

Bugtis and Marris, like the Mengals and Zehris and the Langos are the nose of the Baloch people. My tributes to all the brave people of Balochistan.

I am pleased at the presence of Rubina Shaikh of the World Sindhi Congress who cancelled her flight yesterday for London to be at ourside. The W.S.C. is a mission to serve Sindh.

I am also delighted at the presence of Geneva Arif and of course our own Dr. Charles Graves of Interfaith International, both of who are Americans. In the American Friends of Balochistan work in Washington D.C. I have counted at least 10 Americans who fully support the cause of Balochistan’s independence. I am pretty sure when we will have 50 Americans on our side, Balochistan shall be free. This is because Pakistan survives on U.S. dole.

But I regret to note the chief tormentor of the Baloch people, Pakistan army chief General Ashfaq Kayani, still enjoys celebrity status in the U.S. Senate. The change is coming slowly but surely as more and more U.S. senators and other lawmakers are realizing Pakistan wants to defeat the International Assistance Security Force in Afghanistan.

Thousands of men and women from N.A.T.O. and U.S.A. are trying to defeat terrorism in Afghanistan, but unless they take the Baloch on board nothing will change on the ground.

Let me say I am sure Balochistan will become free.

Balochistan sabz baat

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One response to “Rogue state of Pakistan violating Western laws, says A.F.B

  1. “Rogue state of Pakistan violating Western Laws?” Now, that is the most apologetic ‘understatement’ of the century. Sir, this vitriolic, vile, venomous state is violating all laws of Humanity, all laws of Islam and all laws of Decency! Should such a state be allowed to exist? If West is so much concerned about their ‘Laws,’ being violated, why don’t they shoot this state down? Why shoot homeless, stateless Palestinians? Wht shoot traumatised Iraqis? Why shoot ignorant, simpleton, innocent Afghanis? Long Live Balochistan! Long Live Sindh!

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