Mehran Baluch speech in Geneva

Mehran Baluch

GENEVA, June 14 2010: The youngest son of legendary Baloch leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri blasted Pakistan for its Nazi-style brutalities in Balochistan and promised that Pakistan generals will have to re-learn their forgotten lessons of Bangladesh in Balochistan.

Mehran Baloch, who has represnted Balochistan at the U.N. Human Rights Council for nearly 10 years now, was speaking at a conference organized by the Interfaith International.

Baluch made it clear that people of Balochistan want nothing less than independence and this was the cherished goal of all those who are waging a heroic freedom struggle in Balochistan.

Following is the full text of Baluch’s speech in Geneva on Monday.

As I speak before you, Pakistan military is busy conducting a military operation in Balochistan in the name of Islam to hoodwink the member states of the Organization of Islamic Conference.

Just on Friday, two members of Baluch Students Organization Azaad, Abdul Sattar Baluch and Bebarg Baluch were martyred and and third member Mehrullah Baluch was severely injured in Pakistani para-military force called Frontier Corps.

Unfortunately, Balochistan remains underreported in the international media.

In the latest moves, Pakistan dispatched tens of thousands of non-Baloch mostly Punjabi soldiers to Dasht and Gwadar areas to create scare in people’s hearts about the military might of Pakistan. Five brigades of Pakistan army, totaling 15,000 mercenary soldiers, were already busy conducting a military operation in the Dera Bugti and adjoining areas alone.

In addition there are at least 80,000 Pakistani soldiers at the cantonment in Quetta, 10,000 in Khuzdar and 5,000 in Sibi. Overall there are more than 150,000 Pakistan military troops in Balochistan, while there are at least 43,000 non-Baluch Frontier Constabulary militiamen all over Baluchistan plus 15,000 men of the Sindh Rifles on Balochistan’s borders with Sindh, who have also been mobilized against the Baloch political resistance.

Daily Tawar reported in the first week of June that fresh Pakistan military troop and commando reinforcements arrived in the port city of Gwadur while a convoy of 40 military vehicles have gone towards the town of Mand. Fresh reinforcements of Pakistan military troops were also dispatched from Karachi and began targeting the Baloch people by calling them atheists.

They are using U.S. supplied gunship helicopters and most advanced weaponry against my people. Thousands of Baloch civilians have left their homes in the area out of fear for their lives.The Pakistani occupation troops are illegally targeting civilians and looting fuel from their vehicles at gunpoint, Daily Tawar reported.

However, let me assure whosoever matters that the armed boys of Pindi and Islamabad – who are also called the Taéliban in uniform — will have to respect the concept of mine and thine as the Baloch people are resolved to undo the Pakistani conquest of their homeland on March 27, 1948.

The Baloch homeland will not remain a ballistic missile and nuclear testing ground for ever, because when the desire of freedom makes its place in the heart of the masses it becomes a material force no power on earth can defeat. The 20 million Baloch people shall prevail.

I think the Pakistan army generals have very short memories. In less than four decades they have forgotten their humiliation that followed the genocide of three million Bangladeshis and rape of 200,000 of their women in 1971. Maybe these boys from Punjab want to re-learn their forgotten lesson in Balochistan.


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2 responses to “Mehran Baluch speech in Geneva

  1. tomcatcity

    its pack of lies if operation has to be launched one Brigade is more than sufficient. Look at your population in Balochistan if Pashtunes are deducted you are not more than 46 %. Out of 46% all are sold to RAW/CIA/Mosad/NDS. Even your scripts are written at New Dehli. Your lies indicate that you are evil on God’s earth.

  2. shohaz baloch

    salute to Mehran Baloch for giving such a historical speach in front of international community.

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