Ahmar Mustikhan speech at UN

GENEVA, JUNE 12: A Baloch independence worker and representative of the American Friends of Balochistan called on the U.S., China, India and other powers to directly talk with the Baloch leadership to end what he called were massive human rights violations in the restive Balochistan region.

Ahmar Mustikhan, who came to Geneva on the invitation of Mehran Baluch, a son of legendary Baloch leader Nawab Khair Baksh Marri, was addressing a seminar organized by the Interfaith International and allied organizations at the Palace of Nations in Geneva.

Mustikhan narrated the  trail of tears and blood reminiscent of the Native Americans tragedy in U.S.A. that he said is being re-enacted  with impunity and great cruelty in Balochistan in Pakistan in southwest Asia.

Following is the full text of Mustikhan’s speech:

In the morning today, I was speaking with a Chinese scientist who said the U.S.A. was supporting Pakistan . I replied that the irony of the situation is while Washington D.C. is pumping billions, Beijing too is a strategic military ally of Islamabad . I take this opportunity to appeal to leaders of the two powers and any other powers to talk directly with Baloch leaders.

What worst form of human right violation can there be when the Baloch are not being allowed to wear their national dress on their ancestral lands.

I am acutely aware of the dangers that stem from Pakistan . This is the same region where nuclear war heads and Al Qaeda exist within close proximity, posing a nightmare for the world.

In Geneva , I am told if you cough the world listens. As such, I have come here to tell the story of extra judicial killings, unmitigated military operations, forced and involuntary disappearances, torture, massive internal human displacements that befate the Baloch  people in Balochistan.

Just because the Baloch believe politics and religion should be separate, Pakistan army soldiers, who I like to call the Taliban in uniform, are attacking the Baloch natives and calling them atheists, according to news reports in the popular daily Tawar newspaper. This is happening right now as I speak here today as a military operation is in full swing in my native coastal Mekran area in Balochistan.

The militarization of Balochistan is the Siamese twin of the crude and ugly attempts at Talibanization of Balochistan, or the land of the Baloch.

Most recently in spring, there were half dozen cases when acid was thrown on the faces of Baloch women and girls venturing out of their homes. In once case, three sisters in Pandrani area of Balochistan’s Kalat district were targeted.  In an earlier attack, two sisters in Chagai district faced the same atrocious attack by those who do not believe men and women are equal by birth. We can say for sure Pakistani non-state actors are behind these incidents.

The badly mutilated faces of these girls and women are a stark reminder for the world the dangers that stem from Taliban and those responsible for their resurgence in the Afpak region must be brought to justice. These soldiers of Pakistan have jihad as their military philosophy.

In this backdrop, thousands of Pakistan soldiers have been dispatched to the mountainous region of Mekran area in Balochistan not to take on the Taliban but the secular Baloch forces yearning to become masters of their own destiny. Thousands of families have fled for safety. Already there are tens of thousands of Baloch tribesmen, notably from the Bugti and Marri tribes, who are homeless and have the skies as their roof because of the more than five-year-old Pakistani military operation.

Local activist groups in Balochistan including the highly respected Baloch Women Panel have warned of a famine like situation developing in Mekran because of Pakistan military actions, Mustikhan concluded.
Earlier on Thursday, Mustikhan turned on the table on the Pakistani delegate at a meeting convened to draft a resolution on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances in Balochistan. France, Argentine and Morocco head the panel consisting of 83 nations.

The Pakistani delegate Marghoob Butt, widely believed to be an operative of the Inter Services Intelligence was trying to dilute the languae from claims to allegations when it came to rouge states like Pâkistan.

“This change from claims to alleations will be an affront to the work of premier human rights organisations, including the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan,” Mustikhan thundered.

“Pakistan has abducted more than 1.000 of my blood and bone in Balochistan. I take offense to the presence of pakistan at this panel,” he protested. “I am staing a walkout,” he said.

He was joined in the walkout by Baloch torture victim Munir Mengal and Bilal Baloch.


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2 responses to “Ahmar Mustikhan speech at UN

  1. The Balochi People badly need to unite, to examine what they want, to determine how they intend to sell the same to the war weary world. Balochistan needs to become a reality, but how to bring it about? Can the Baloch People “win” their independence through a vote if such a fortunate occurrence could be bought to fruition? If so, what is in it for those Countries whose support (Military support) would be required? Can an Independent Balochistan provide sufficient volunteers, ready and willing to be trained to protect their Country? Can an Independent Balochistan guarantee to, in return for the support of Nations in this region, prevent the export of Heroin from Pakistan/Afghanistan through Balochi Ports? Can an Independent Balochistan undertake to ensure that forces deployed in Balochistan would not be subjected to ongoing violence from Community-based militias that stain the war in Afghanistan? Is an Independent Balochistan a realistic proposition, even with the major resource-asset that is Reko Diq? Can the fledgling nation survive if others help it into existence? What sort of Government would Nations be helping into existence, for example, what is the opinion on the ground of the Taliban? Of Iran? Of Israel? These are serious questions, if you are to successfully sell the concept to the world, you have to identify solutions that you can provide, the potential supporters (and it is a limited pool) already have enough problems and uncertainty as it is.

  2. Once again, voice of one of the worthy and filial son of that Great Nation of Balochistan, echoes in the corridors of world power – screaming for justice for his motherland, his fatherland! But, who cares? These ugly so-called ‘civilised’ nations have their own nefarious agenda to protect and their own selfish interests to preserve and they will continue to support and defend the savages of the Paki Army. They will present a deaf ear to the screams of the tortured, terrorised and tormented people of Balochistan, as well as, Sindh! However, the struggle for the justice must go on! Saaeen Ahmar Mastikhan and other valiant children of Baloch Nation we Sindhis support you, salute you, love you and will always be with you – side-by-side, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand in your glorious march towards Freedom and Liberation. Long Live Balochistan! Long Live Sindh!

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