Help! Balochistan

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  1. Balochistan is suffering! We appeal to the conscience of the worl, “Please do something!” What more can I say, I let my murshid, my teacher, my gutu, my guide urge the resourceful ones on the Planet:

    پتنگ چاھين پاڻ کي؍ تَ اچي آڳ أجھا۶ِ؍
    پچڻ گھڻان پچايا؍ تون پچڻ کي پچاِ۶؍
    واقف ٿي وسا۶ِ؍ آڳ نَ ڏج عام کي؍
    “Patangu chaaheen paanna khei, ta achee aaggi ujhaaei,
    Pachanna ghannaan pachaayaa, tuun pachaanna khei pachaai,
    Waaqufu thee wisaai, aagga na ddiju aama khei.” (Bhittai)

    “Be thou butterfly moth, then douse fire of ardour within,
    Fire hath burnt so many, thou burneth the blaze within!
    Extinguish like an expert, this privilege give not to anyone!
    (Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

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