‘Not a morsel till Zakir is freed!’

by Saher Baloch
Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zakir Majeed

KARACHI – In the sweltering summer heat, three members of a family refuse to break their 28 day hunger strike outside the Karachi Press Club and only demand that Zakir Majeed Baloch, who got missing from Khuzdar, Balochistan on June 8 2009, must be freed.

With pain etched on their faces, Baloch’s family members, including his sister Shabana, refuse to eat anything, “We will not eat a morsel till Zakir is freed!” And looking at them, its obvious that they physical pain of hunger pangs is well surpassed by the mental anguish of the loss of their loved one.

A year after Zakir went missing; his family is still looking for clues and searching for answers. Sitting with a picture of his brother, Shabana says that she wants to know whether her brother is alive or not. “If he has done something unlawful there are courts for it but to pick a person for unknown reasons is something we do not understand.” Besides being a brilliant student, Shabana says that Zakir never minced words while speaking about the plight of the Baloch people, who she added “live in the most deplorable of conditions in their own province.”

Back in 2009, the head of United Nations High Commission for Refugees, John Solecki was abducted from Quetta on his way to home. An organisation claimed responsibility for the abduction and demanded that the United Nations put pressure on Pakistani authorities to release 1109 missing Baloch activists, out of which 141 were women. “This angered many of the young activists who wanted to talk it out rather than create a ruckus. Zakir Baloch was one of them,” Shabana said.

Along with like minded people, he formed a committee known as the John Solecki Release Committee and set about putting pressure on the authorities to pace their efforts in finding Solecki. Though Solecki was released after two months, Zakir went missing from Balochistan without a trace.

Bewildered, the family filed an FIR and later filed a petition in High Court. “During the period when we were running from pillar to post, we did not get a call for ransom or any threats from anyone,” added Dr Hussain Baloch, a cousin of Zakir, accompanying his family. He said that they filed a petition in Supreme Court as well, “but so far we have not been informed about anything.” He says that those sympathizing with them very well know who’s behind the abductions but to no avail. “We appeal to all the human rights organisations to help us out in our search for justice.”

Director at Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), I.A Rehman said that he felt for the families of the missing person but the fact is that it is a long process. “A commission has been formed in Quetta regarding the recovery of missing persons in the region. A hearing takes place after every 10 days and 5 to 6 people are recovered. Hope is not lost yet as we are trying our best to recover those who are missing.”

Though the young ones, to some extent, understand the problems in getting timely justice in the country, it is their mother they are worried about. Shabana said that all day long her mother looks at the doorway expecting Zakir to get in any minute. Zakir’s mother keeps getting in and out of the hospital after her son’s disappearance. “All day long, my mother cries out Zakir’s name and says that when he has not done anything then why he is not coming home. She does not understand, no matter how much we try,” said Shabana in a soft voice.

Source: The News


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2 responses to “‘Not a morsel till Zakir is freed!’

  1. Ali Arjemandi

    It is a matter of sorry for all humanity that Pakistan in this age and time committing the same kind of crimes and atrocities that Argentine and Chilean military Juntas did in early seventies. It is a shame to all humanity if there is a humanity in the world.

    It is very strange that the western countries US in front all of them claiming to be the champion and the flag bearers of human rights have kept quit when the innocent Baloch, youngsters, old men and women and their children are being abducted, kidnapped and made disappeared in day light!!!

    Where are all those champions of human rights? On the legal grounds Pakistan is abducting these innocent people? If they have committed any crime, why they are not being brought in front of a court and tried openly there?
    It is very clear to every body if try to find why these people abducted and disappear, that there is no legal ground to arrest, abduct and made these people. It is very clear that Pakistan, on it`s basis is an illegal state. Pakistan is bound and doomed to dissolve and disappear from the face of earth.
    The only way to get rid of from these atrocities for the Baloch nation, is to get united and fight Pakistan by all means. When one is in right path , no matter how an enemy is powerful, it will be defeated. And the history has shown, no army, no matter how huge or powerful it has been, never defeated a nation. We have the living example of East Timor, where it is just a nation of million and defeated, the million strong Indonesian army.
    And every body should be assured and keep in mind, the victory will be with the Baloch nation. Because the Baloch people have all rights to be free and have their stolen independence.
    The Pakistani ( Punjabi ) army and establishment should understand, whatever you are committing in Balochistan, will not go unpunished! And you the Pakistanis, should fear the future, it is Baloch culture and norm, revenge the atrocity, you face, no matter how long time it would take.
    I advise the Pakistani establishment, stop these unjustices against the Baloch people. By doing so, you will leave a room in future, to get some favors from Balochistan. It is a shame that our innocent youngsters and people are being abducted, tortures and killed!!! But every body knows that Pakistan has no shame!!! Because, Pakistan has been established just to guard the interests of an elite group, not one or several nations. So the time has come to end this rouge state once for good.
    And it is so painful to think what this innocent family has gone through? I am experiencing the same, because my own only beloved brother Ehsan, gone disappeared and abducted by the same shameless agencies. These agencies should know very well, that you will be punished just like the juntas of Chile and Argentine, it is just the matter of time. As earlier you release these innocent people as better, in that case your guilt burden will be less. As longer you keep these people, your guilt become heavier…
    God bless us all…

    Long live free and independent Balochistan, and death to the Punjabi colonialism.

  2. Such horrible stories of the Balochs being terrorised, tormented, trancated and torn by the tyrants of this country, which I call, ‘Paleetistan – the Land of the Profane’ are being repeated almost on daily basis. The cries, the wails, the painful screams and anguidhed laments, are echoing in every field, plain, valley and hils of Balochistan and, the ‘civilised’ world cannot even hear such groans of the pulverised people. When will their cries be heard?When will there be justice? When will the savages who are committing such atrocious acts of brutality be tried by International Criminal Courts? God Only Knows! And, we appeal to God for His Justice! Long Live Balochistan! Long Live Sindh!

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