Rains injure 25 people, collapsing hundreds of houses in Mekran

QUETTA : At least 25 people have been injured and hundreds of uncemented and mud houses have collapsed due to heavy downpours which started to lash Gwadar, Jiwani, Ormara, Pasni, Turbat and other coastal regions of Balochistan from the last night.

Shakil Ahmed, a local journalist in Gwadar told APP that torrential rains caused injuring of at least 25 people as hundreds of mud houses collapsed in 40 villages of Gwadar.

He noted that torrential rain triggered floods which resulted in outflow of Ankra Dam and dozens of streams.

He said the water of rain had entered in all houses located in Gwadar and suburb areas.

“Water has damaged wall of Radio Pakistan Gwadar, Met Department and many other government premises. Pakistan Navy, Coast Guard, Maritime Security Agency and the district administration jointly had shifted people to Navy Camp of Koh Batil and Magore Shareef Camp,” he said.

Ahmed pointed out that cyclone Phet passed Gwadar at 3:30pm today (Saturday). He noted the cyclone had taken away hundreds of boats of fishermen from Gwadar mini port and others coastal areas.

He mentioned that heavy showers also caused faults in electricity transmission lines and as a result power supply had been suspended from II KV feeders and 132KV transmission line to Gwadar, Pasni, Jiwani, Turbat, Hoshab and Panjgur.

He said local Met Office had recorded 370 mm rain in Gwadar, 208mm in Jiwani, 92mm in Pasni and 63mm in Turbat.

He added that current rainfall had broken all previous records of rain in Mekran Division.

Another local journalist in Turbat Asad Baloch told that the rain had triggered floods in main streams of Kech, Nahaang, Hangol and Dasht. He said that rain water had inundated four villages in Dasht area of Turbat.

He maintained that rain water had also inundated Karachi-Gwadar coastal highway, cutting off link between Karachi and Mekran Division.

He said that a large number of uncemented houses had caved in in 13 villages of Shadi Korandi area of Pasni. Baloch added that force-gale and stormy winds with torrential rains also uprooted trees while hundreds of bill boards installed along Coastal Highway and on other roads had fallen down.

Meanwhile, the Met Office forecast the rains would continue lashing coastal regions of Balochistan for the next 48 hours.

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One response to “Rains injure 25 people, collapsing hundreds of houses in Mekran

  1. As if the man-made calamities were not enough! Not enough was the brutality of Paki-Punjabi Armed Forces perpetrated and perpetuated on the innocents of Makran, Gwadar, Pasni and other areas of Balochistan. Now, the Nature, too found it conducive to contribute and add to the misery, pain and suffering of the poor and helpless. My heart goes out to my brothers and sisters in Balochistan. I have no more words to express my utmost grief at the sufferings caused by the anger of the Nature. My murshid Shah Bhittai expresses my true feelings:
    اڄ پڻ اکڙين ، سڄڻ پنهنجا ساريا،
    ڳلن تان ڳوڙهن جون ، بوندان بس نه ڪن،
    سندي سڪ پرين، لوڪ ڏٺي نه لهي
    (شاھُ ڀِٽاٸيؒ)

    “Acju pinnu akharriyani, sacjanna pahnjaa saaryaa,
    Ggalan taan ggorrhani jiyuun, buunduun basin a kani,
    Sandee sika piryani, loka dditthei na lahei.” (Shah Bhittai)

    “Eyes remembered my sweet loved ones, today as well;
    Endless torrents of tears shower my face, today as well;
    Eternal memory of dearly beloveds afresh, today as well;
    People aplenty! Cherished one’s longing insatiable, today as well.”
    (Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

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