We have faith in Baluch Nation; we won’t rely on superpowers for our freedom: Dr Allah Nazar

Dr. Allah Nizar

Occupied Baluchistan: Baluch guerrilla commander Dr Allah Nazar Baluch said that role of Human Rights Organisations is disappointing and their attitude towards Baluchistan has been hypocritical. Sadars don’t have the authority to resolved Baluchistan issue; only the resistance organisations and Baluch Nation have the full command over Baluchistan and they will not settle for anything less than Independence. There is guerrilla war going on in Baluchistan. Such wars have always taken place between the oppressed Nations and oppressive states/powers. The state and some opportunist people are trying to create confusion about Baluch National Liberation struggle. We want to make it clear to them that provincial autonomy has become obsolete and the current struggle is for National liberation.
Some people say that this is few sardars’ fight but “all the people who work with me here have come from different regions of Baluchistan”. There are doctors, engineers and people from different fields of life among them. Punjab and Mohajir (immigrant) establishment is trying to divert the real issue. Answering to a question Dr Allah Nazar said that some Baluch parliamentarian parties want power sharing with Punjab and for the sake of few lucrative they are willing to compromise Baluch national freedom, Baluch identity and Baluch culture. On the other hand some of these parliamentarian Baluch are using the vague slogan of self-determination. We want to tell them in clear words that this a war for Independence and common Baluch are fighting this war. The decision makers of this war are not any personalities but its command is only in the hands of Baluch resistance Organisations and Baluch Nation. National struggle for freedom is rapidly progressing; every month around150 Pakistani security forces either get killed or injured in Baluchistan but, because the state media is not neutral that is why they don’t talk about the weaknesses of the state, he claimed.

Answering to the question that state terms Baluch fighters’ activities as terrorism, Dr Allah Nazar said that it is a universally accepted truth that wherever or whenever occupied Nations struggle for their freedom the oppressor term their resistance as terrorism. He said Baluch Nation was least bothered about such accusations. Whatever name may the state give to the Baluch people’s struggle but they (Baluch) are fighting this war according to international laws and they have not violated any international laws. When asked about the target killings in Baluchistan, Dr Baluch said that innocent people are not being targeted in Baluchistan. Those who have been target killed they were working for the state intelligence agencies; they disguise as common people but work for agencies, he alleged. He said one of the men who had been targeted was an army officer and he was buried with proper military manner and salutation.

Explaining further he said that people don’t see state sponsored target killing of innocent Baluch people. Ghulam Mohammad Baluch, Lala Munir Baluch, Sher Mohammad Baluch, Shahnaz Bibi and several other Baluch men, women and children have been brutally murdered by state intelligence agencies or other security forces; most of the settlers always have sympathy for occupation forces/army. He said the superpower justifies her all actions and brutalities but on contrary if the oppressed fights against oppressor they call it violence and terrorism. America has also fought for its freedom, was it terrorism? Dr Allah Nazar Baluch asked.

Answering a question about Indian, Israeli and other countries interference in Baluchistan, he said if there was any foreign interference and help, today Baluchistan’s situation would have been different. “When India interfered in East Pakistan in seventeen (17) days Bangladesh came into being”. Pointing towards different weapons around him he said these Kalashnikovs, G3s we took from security forces; Baluch need international community’s moral support. Answering to another question Dr Baluch said there is no democracy in Pakistan; in fact it is controlled democracy. Governor Zulfiqar Ali Magsi and Chief Minister Aslam Raisani are their (state’s) people but still they complain that FC doe not listen to them. He said pro-parliamentarian are the B Team of the occupiers of Baluch land and diverters of Baluch struggle for national freedom. As for as self-determination is concerned, no one in the word got self-determination, such people want concessions and extort money in the name of self-determination. They are not nationalist but in the guise of Nationalism they are B Team of the government.

Talking about Baluch freedom struggle he said that we will not beg to anyone for our independence but we have full faith in ourselves and Baluch Nation. We are not insane that we will rely on super powers for our freedom. Giving the example of the Kurds he said when America did not need them anymore she said to them that withdraw your demand of freedom and go for provincial autonomy. Pakistan used to back Khalistan but when India and Pakistani’s situation got better; Khalistan freedom movement faded away because Pakistan stopped supporting them. We only need world’s moral support, he reiterated.

He appealed to Baluch elders and youth to forget their petty difference and unite for the common purpose and against common enemy. Youth instead of temporary benefits and jobs must spend their energy on Baluch National cause for liberation. He said if Baluch youth recognise those who are asking for provincial autonomy, parliament and self-determination, then we will get closer to our destination/freedom.

Recalling his ordeal in custody he said he was severely tortured but when they failed “they offered me concessions and asked me to take part in elections. When I refused everything, they threatened me that if I by chance get out of prison alive I will not be the same Allah Nazar again”. He said when he was in prison he was not provided with any proper diagnose and treatment. “After my release some friend took my blood samples; it was sent abroad for a precise blood test. When the results cam we found out that there was 60% Aluminium in my body, which was 20% higher than normal quantity of Aluminium in a person’s body, hence it was clear that they have tried to slow poison me but nature saved me and the torture has further provided me the courage and commitment to fight for my national freedom”.

Commenting on recent acid attacks on Baluch female (children) he said that Baluch women don’t go out of their houses but since the struggle for liberation started the women have also started playing their role in the struggle because among every ten households around two have directly been effected by state atrocities; from some houses their loved one have been abducted, some have been killed, that is why Baluch women came out in battle field. When there was a military operation in Makran, Baluch women blocked the road and stopped the military from entering the region, which made the enemy fearful. Hence the enemy splash acids on Baluch women/children in Daaldandin and Kalat to scare them and in order to stop them from joining protests in future. Even though so called “Baluch honourable group” claimed responsibility for such attacks but in reality they are none but Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. They are harassing and threatening people under different pretexts.

He said at present 8,000 people have been forcefully disappeared from Baluchistan and several of them have been killed but no one is concerned about such a serious issue. He said Baluchistan’s issue was more serious than the Darfur region of Sudan but Baluchistan issue is intentionally being ignored. He demanded that war crime cases should be register against people responsible for forced disappearances and other human right violations in Baluchistan.

He said that Baluch freedom struggle is succeeding; plans were being hatched to change the Baluch demography in the name of Gawader Mega Projects and occupy Baluch coastal wealth but they have failed. Baluch youth are becoming part of freedom struggle in large numbers. People’s views about China are changing, before they used to say China is Mao’s country but now they say it is colonial country. Dr Allah Nazar said Baluch is a responsible Nation and we want to assure the civilised world that free Baluchistan will be a responsible country.

This Exclusive interview of Dr Allah Nazar Baluch has been published by a Baluchistan National Newspaper “Daily Tawar”, in Urdu language, and has been translated by BalochWarna team.

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