‘Missing’ Baloch leader’s family hold demo at KPC

The next-of-kin of Zakir Baloch, including his sister Farzana Majeed, cousins and children held a protest demonstration in front of Karachi Press Club (KPC) for the recovery of Zakir who is “missing” since June 8, 2009. Zakir Baloch is Senior Vice- Chairman, Baloch Students Organisation (Azad).

“My brother Zakir had gone to Mastung on an organisational trip of the BSO,” his elder sister Farzana Majeed told The News. “Two other BSO activists Waheed Murad and Abdul Basit were accompanying him. When they reached Piringabad, Mastung, two cars with armed men arrived from somewhere and kidnapped my brother and his two comrades,” she said.

“They drove away but Abdul Basit and Waheed Murad were released after some 15 minutes while my brother remains in custody by these unknown people since June 8, 2009,” she said.

The ordeal of the family continues despite specific orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan that security agencies should produce “missing” people. The act is also a blatant violation of assurances given by Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani that “missing” people would be released so that it brings solace to the impoverished people of Balochistan and mitigates the deep sense of alienation among the Baloch people, especially its youth.

Needless to mention here that certain lobbies are bent upon creating cleavages between the people of Balochistan and the Punjab and are not ready to listen even to specific orders of Prime Minister Gilani and the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhri.


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  1. Brothers,

    please carry your arms with you so that whne you are stopped by these kocheks you should be ready to defend yourself.it is your land you are on and not theirs and there is no other person from outside who should come and cause you any evil.My advise is defend yourselves by all means possible.We need to have special armed personnel from our liberation groups accompanying buses at all times to stop these kidnapping once and for all.If you make an example of these bastards you will never have any problems again and this is is the only way to stop this menace.
    Allah hafiz!!!!

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