Human Rights violations in Balochistan beyond imagination: Hyrbyair Marri

United Kingdom – London: Expressing his grave concern of the situation what he called extremely grim, volatile and provocative in Balochistan, the Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri has said that gross human right violation have reach to that extent beyond to imagination and we as a Baloch nation are worried and concerned for our future.

In an informal chat with ‘The Nation’ here, he was of the view that Pak Army has proved itself the worst enemy to Baloch people and our province is being victimised in every aspect. “Our people are being arrested, tortured, displaced and disappeared. No one is listing to our grievances which is a matter of great concern and shame”, he supplemented.

“Just a few days before, Pakistan Army arrested about four hundred people from Quetta, Sibi and elsewhere in Balochistan and no one knows their whereabouts. This sort of heinous crime has become a matter of routine and is completely hidden from the rest of the world”, Hyrbyair claimed in his interview with ‘The Nation’ at a seminar organised by the United Kashmir people’s National Party (UKPNP) in Southall.

Later addressing the seminar, Hyrbyair Marri said that this an opportunity for me to get to know the leaders of the United Kashmir People’s National Party. I have come to attend this meeting to gain more knowledge about the freedom struggle of the people of Kashmir. “I did however, read your party’s manifesto, according to my understanding your party is for the complete independence of Kashmir from both India and Pakistan. I also read the historical facts that how Kashmir used to be an independent and peaceful state. Unfortunately that Independence did not last long as Kashmir was occupied and divided into several parts”.

Hyrbyair said; “Although Pakistan’s occupied Kashmir is called Azaad Kashmir but I don’t think people of Kashmir consider themselves azaad, because when a country is free/azaad then there is no need to put the word “azaad” before its name. I think it should rather be called occupied Kashmir. I never heard or read any other country which has the word “azaad” before its name. Therefore in my understanding the word azaad is a deception. It is just a trick to fool the people of Kashmir that they are azaad”.

Baloch leader said that Even though it his first time he is attending a meeting of the Kashmiri people but our history and the events that led to the occupation of our countries seem quite similar. “Balochistan too was an independent state throughout the history up until 1947. The creation of Pakistan by the British colonial powers became anguish for the people of Balochistan just like it is tragedy for the people of Kashmir. Balochistan has under gone five major military offensives by Pakistani occupying rulers and in each of these operations thousands of people have been killed, captured and disappeared. Several people arrested in 1970s operation are still missing. The Baloch wounds of 1948, 1958, 1962, and 1970s had not heeled when Musharraf started yet another military operation across Balochistan starting from Marri Bugti regions but soon he expanded it all over Balochistan. Several thousand Baloch have been forcefully displaced from their ancestral lands, around 4,000 Baloch activists including women and children are missing and many are languishing in Pakistani jails under fabricated charges”.

Hyrbyair said; “The Baloch are struggling for a free and democratic Balochistan just like the Kashmiris. This time the Baloch struggle is more organised and widely supported by the Baloch Nation inside Balochistan and the Baloch in Diaspora. The Diaspora is a significant factor in every freedom struggle as they have more opportunities, freedom and safety than those back home. We have several Baloch committed activists who are trying to educate the wider world, the West, the UN and EU about the ground realities in Balochistan”.

Referring to Diasporas, he said; “I think Diasporas like the Kurd, the Baloch, the Kashmiris and other occupied nations should co-operate with each other in order to gain their independence. As we all know that these occupying states do have a common and national interest to keep us oppressed and occupied, they help each other on national and international level. The oppressed Nations should do the same; I mean to say they should work jointly for the sole purpose of their freedom and national interest only. Independence is our human right, our democratic right and our natural right. No matter however powerful and well-equip our enemy may be, they cannot keep us enslaved forever. The cruel invaders of our countries must know that their invasion will come to an end sooner or later. They know that they are unwanted guests and they are not welcomed on our lands. The more people they arrest, the more people they kill the more it becomes obvious that they are fearful of the occupied people to overcome some day”.

Hyrbyair Marri expressed his hope that the occupied nations and in particular the people of Kashmir and Balochistan will soon become free from the yoke of the slavery and once again become sovereign, peaceful and democratic nations. I hope that our people will once again enjoy the true freedom, peace and prosperity.

He ended his speech with raising the slogan; “Long live the freedom struggle of the Kashmiri and Baloch people”.

Source: Printed in Weekly “The Nation & and Kashmir News in London, UK”

Via: Baloch Warna

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