LONDON: First memorial anniversary meeting to honour the Martyrs of Murghaap

Pictures of London First Memorial Anniversary Meeting to honour The Martys of Murghap Organized by Baloch Unity Conference-UK


United Kingdom: Baloch Unity Conference (UK) organised a remembrance gathering in the memory of Martyrs of Murghab (Waja Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Sher Mohammad Baloch and Lala Munir Baloch) here on Sunday in London. The remembrance meeting to honour the martyrs of Murghab also coincided with the death anniversary of Shaheed Fida Ahmad Baloch Baloch, a fair number of Baloch activists and other Human Rights campaigners attended the meeting to pay respects to Baloch martyrs. Baloch leaders and activists in their speeches paid glowing tribute to Baloch Martyrs and vowed to continue the mission of those Baloch sons and daughters who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of motherland, Balochistan.

Dr Mustafa Baloch in his thought provoking speech said that Baloch people’s democratic and secular struggle for their freedom was gaining momentum rapidly. He said today our Baloch sister, mothers and other people from all walks of life are taking part in this struggle against the oppression of the occupying states. “Despite having the same language, culture and living standards our enemies have divided us in different part implementing their divide and rule policy”, he said. The Baloch as a Nation should work jointly in order to be successful in achieving our goal; we should not give any further chances to our enemy to divide us in more groups. He said if there are weaknesses or untouched issue among Baloch Nation, they are our (Baloch) problem and it is only us (Baloch) who can resolve the pending issues and address the weakness. We do not need the occupying states and their intelligence agencies to middle in our problems.

He said Baloch should try and struggle in a peaceful and democratic way but if the states are adamant to crush our peaceful and democratic struggle, as they did in the past, then the Baloch people reserve the right to self-defence. In fact all nations under attack from occupying states have the right to protect themselves. He said martyrs of Murghab were peaceful and democratic political leaders but the rulers were fearful of their struggle hence they killed them. According to Dr Mustafa use of brutal force was not going to resolve any problems, as it did not work in Algeria and the French and other colonising powers could not continue their oppressive policy for ever.

Ghulam Hussain Baloch paid rich tributes to Martyrs of Murghab and said that Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch was head of the committee which was constituted to recover Mr. John Solecki the UN head of Balochistan chapter. The intelligence agencies abducted and killed the Baloch leaders to provoke the Baloch abductors of Mr Solecki to kill him so that the Baloch struggle can be portrayed as an extremist and terrorist struggle. He said that the mission of GM Baloch and friends will be carry out by hundreds of thousands of their like minded Baloch sons and daughters. He said the Baloch Nation was supportive to Baloch freedom fighters and freedom struggle.

Baloch politic activist and blogger Mr Mehrab Sarjou said that GM Baloch, Lala Munir Baloch and Sher Mohammad Baloch were not sardars or Nawabs but they were ordinary Baloch who had sacrificed their lives for Balochistan freedom. He said it was wrong to perceive that Baloch movement was a reactionary movement neither is Baloch struggle dependents on the sardars. Sardar are a part of Baloch society hence a part of Baloch struggle alongside common people. The martyrs of Murghab proved that Baloch struggle is the struggle of Baloch masses including Baloch men, women, children and people from all walks of life. He said Martys of Murghab despite knowing that fact that nobody might look after their kids after their death, took the risk and continued their struggle for liberation of Balochland. He said Baloch have always fought for freedom even in 1927 Dadshah and his companion fought for Independence. “It was the duty of all Baloch people whether Sardars or commoners to united and continue their battle for freedom”.

Waja Abdullah Baloch of Zrombesh also like the previous speakers paid homage to the Baloch martyrs and said that Pakistani killed these leaders who had come from common backgrounds in order to scare other common Baloch that if they ask for their rights (Independence) they will be killed in same manner. He said Baloch were now more aware of their basis right to freedom they will not heed to Pakistan’s propagandas. He said Pakistan was doing all it can to undermine Baloch liberation movement; the killings, torture and arbitrary arrested are prove that Baloch struggle was progressing and the enemy was extremely fearful of the Baloch movement.

He further said that it was a struggle of common Baloch people but Pakistan was trying to deceive people by saying that it is the struggle of sardars. He said it was difficult for the rulers to crush a movement started by common people. He anticipated that Balochistan will soon become an independent state.

The secretary general of BHRC (UK) Waja Samad Baloch recalled a meeting with Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch and said that he was a Balochi language poet as well as a patriot Baloch politician, which proved his love for Baloch, Balochi and Balochistan. Shaheed GM Baloch had all the qualities of a true Baloch and it was on record that he always talked of free Balochistan. He said Martyrs of Murghab had no personal gains and interests they sacrificed their most precious lives for the Baloch National liberation.

According him martyrs never die, in fact their life starts after they embrace martyrdom. “The struggle and sacrifice of Lala Munir Baloch, Sher Mohammad Baloch and GM Baloch has created a sense of fear and panic in the heart of Baloch enemy” said Samad Baloch. He added that Baloch have been protecting their land against foreign invaders even before Pakistan’s creation and they never let anyone take over their lands. He said Baloch National Movement was rapidly progressing on international level and Pakistan cannot stop this movement now. Supporting his argument Waja Samad said that when the three Baloch leaders (GM Baloch, Sher Mohammad Baloch and Lala Munir Baloch) were killed in Balochistan the condemnation news of their cold-blooded murder was running on a big screen outside UN head quarters in Geneva for at least two weeks, which read, “We (UN) condemns the murder of Baloch leaders”. He said that was an acknowledgement of Baloch freedom struggle on international level.

Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri in his speech said that most of the parliamentarians were extremely opposed to the Martyrs of Murghab in their life time. They used to call them, and in particular Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad with different names; some even went to the extant to call them ISI agents even one day before their cold-blooded murder on 8 April 2009. Today when they are physically not among us, these same parties and people go around praising them– is not it the height of hypocrisy?

You were against them during their life time then why do you pretend to love them after their death? Similar was the case with Nawab Akbar Bugti when he took to mountains to defend Baloch people and Balochistan, most sardars and parliamentary politicians avoided talking to him and never responded to his call for Unity but today all of them are trying to score political points in the name of Shaheed Nawab Bugti, Ghulam Mohammad Baloch and other thousands of Baloch martyrs who sacrificed their lives for freedom of Balochistan.

He said if you adore and respect somebody for their hard work and devotion toward Baloch National cause, do so in their life time to make them feel that they have your full support and loyalty. There are ideological and hardworking people like Dr Allah Nazar and other like minded friends who are practically following the vision of Baloch Martyrs. Politically I think BNF could become an effective platform for pro-Independence forces if managed honestly and with full dedication for Baloch National interest. Baloch masses need to support such honest; hardworking friends and political parties instead of wasting their time and energy on those who could not protect the Baloch and Baloch National interest when the nation needed their help in difficult times. The parliamentarians had failed to teach the Baloch the importance of Independence which is our human, democratic and natural right. No human being should be denied their most fundamental right to freedom.

Today is also the death anniversary of another great Baloch leader Shaheed Fida Ahmad Baloch who was assassinated by Pakistani intelligence agencies and anti freedom forces in Turbat on 2 May 1988. He also like Ghulam Mohammad Baloch had struggled for freedom of Balochistan while taking active part in Baloch politics on the forum of BSO and BNYM (Baloch National Youth Movement). Baloch youth from BSO’s platform have given numerous sacrifices and produced several ideological leaders. Unfortunately, today BSO is confuse and divided by these parliamentarians for their own gains. Pro-Pakistan leaders are using BSO as their fuel to continue their commercial politics.

Baloch Nation is struggling for their survival where as some parties’ leaders are busy talking about Pakistan’s constitution and the 18the amendment, they somehow think it is a positive step for the people of Balochistan. I say they are in the wrong, Pakistan’s constitution, judiciary, parliamentary system failed to protect and guarantee Baloch rights. 1973 constitution doesn’t imply on Balochistan as the majority of Baloch leaders refused to sign it.

He also strongly condemned the recent acid attacks on Baloch children in Kalat and the crack-down against Baloch people in Quetta and elsewhere in Balochistan. Pakistan has used all other methods to defame the secular Baloch society but it failed. Now they are trying to radicalise the Baloch people in the same manner they introduced extremism in Pashtun belt. They are committing such inhuman crimes with the help of pro-Taliban groups in order to provoke the Baloch to response in same way. Baloch Nation, in particular Baloch youth must be vigilant and take all precautionary steps to protect themselves from such predators, because the government and so called security forces have failed to protect the people of Balochistan. They are hand in glove with these Jihadi groups; they want to counter Baloch freedom struggle and try to portray it as an extremist struggle.

He said we also need to remember and give priority to the sacrifices made by Baloch mothers and sisters. Several Baloch women have been killed during Pakistani military’s aerial bombardment or have become victims of Pakistani security forces dreadful acts. Baloch youth sacrificed their lives while fighting the enemy forces but our women were killed in indiscriminate bombardment on our villages and towns, they are also martyrs of struggle for freedom.

He said it was an unjust biased attitude by some, what he described as SARKARI BALOCH, to talk about the Baloch code of honour after the killing of non-Baloch female but they shy away from criticising the Pakistani military and other security forces for mass murdering Baloch women and children. He said all human lives were precious and killing of women is an unfortunate phenomenon but these pro-government Baloch must understand the main causes of such astringent incidents and should be balanced in their criticism. He said our enemy has started a psychological war against us by killing, kidnapping and humiliating our women to weaken our secular struggle mentally.

Talking about the need of Baloch Unity he said we must unite but we need to differentiate between pro-Pakistan and Pro-Independence forces and we need to decide which side we take. We must take a clear stand instead of sailing in two boats. Unity is need of hour and important but on principles and ideological basis, he reiterated. He said Baloch struggle was being acknowledged on international level because of the sacrifices of the Baloch Sarmachaars. Few years ago nobody knew anything about Balochistan but today everyone is taking interest in Balochistan’s issue.

“In the end I want to pay my humble tributes to the martyrs of Murghab, Shaheed Fida Baloch and thousands of other martyrs of freedom who sacrificed their lives, so that our coming generation can live a peaceful, dignified and prosperous life”.

Johd-e Ajoe zindag baat!

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