Protest staged for missing Baloch persons

File Photo

QUETTA: The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons staged a demonstration in front of the Quetta Press Club on Monday, demanding the early release of all missing persons.

The protesters were carrying placards inscribed with slogans in connection with their demands and photos of the missing persons. The relatives of the missing persons, including women, also participated in the protest.

Addressing the protesters, Nasrullah Baloch said there is no difference between the present government and any military rule. In the past, a large number of people were kidnapped and similar behaviour has continued with the return of a political regime.

“If the missing persons are involved in any crime, they should be tried in the court of law and if they were killed, their relatives should be informed, otherwise there is no justification for keeping them in illegal captivity,” he said. Baloch accused the government agencies of kidnapping innocent people and appealed to the United Nations and Human Rights Commission to intervene in the humanitarian issue and help in the early release of the missing persons.

Source: Daily Times Staff Report

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