Baloch movement supports complete equality for women. BSO Azaad

Central spokesperson of Baloch Student Organization Azaad regarded the incident which took place in Paddak, a place between Noshki and Dalbandin, where Pakistan army personals took Baloch women off their cars, humiliated them and kept them in Pakistan army’s camp, as a part of the series of unethical acts committed by Pakistan to disgrace women, the series also includes the acidizing of Baloch girls in Dalbandin said the central spokesperson.

Spokesperson further revealed that Pakistan army has been harassing Baloch women in Chagi and adjoining areas from a long period (Chagi is the area where Pakistan exploded its nuclear weapons and people there are not only humiliated by Pakistan army but they also are facing serious diseases caused by the radiations of the nuclear explosion).

Spokesperson further elaborated that Baloch movement is based on humanitarian and secular foundations and it supports complete equality for women in the society therefore Pakistan is trying to defame Baloch cause through creating groups to disgrace Baloch women and to push Baloch women back into their homes so that they stop supporting the Baloch movement.

Spokesperson appealed to Baloch youth to understand the sensitivity of the situation and counter the negative tactics of the occupiers in order to build a strong nation where everyone is equal.

Source: Sagaar Facebook Group

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