Confront Barrick Gold April 28 in Toronto

Once a year, the board of directors for the world’s most powerful gold miner converge in downtown Toronto. Be there to Confront Barrick Gold!

WHAT: Protest and Press Conference outside Barrick Gold’s Annual General Meeting

WHEN: Wednesday, April 28. 11am protest

WHERE: Metro Convention Center, 255 Front St. Toronto

Barrick Gold Company Logo and Chairman

WHO is Barrick Gold? Barrick is the world’s largest gold mining company, founded and chaired by Peter Munk. Barrick is one of the biggest forces pushing Corporate Social Responsibility as an alternative to government oversight. With a former executive on the board of the Canadian Pension Fund, and a former Prime Minister on their board of directors, Barrick enjoys public funding and diplomatic support.

WHO is coming to speak out: Jethro Tulin, Executive Officer, Akali Tange Association
Mark Ekepa, Chairman, Porgera Landowners Association
Idolia del Carmen Bordones Jorquera, Representantes Sectoriales, Diaguita Huascoaltinos
Jaime Nibaldo Ardiles Ardiles, Representantes Sectoriales, Diaguita Huascoaltinos
Zafar Baluch, Baloch Human Rights Council

WHY Protest Barrick? Barrick takes advantage of inadequate and poorly enforced regulatory controls to rob indigenous people of their lands, destroy sensitive ecosystems and agricultural land, support brutal military and security operations, and sue anyone who tries to report on it. Impacted communities are coming to Toronto to share their undeniable perspectives and shed light on this criminal mining giant. Come out and support them!

Representatives from the Porgera Landowners Association and the Akali Tange Association from Porgera, Enga Province, Papua New Guinea will share their experiences with Barrick Gold and announce their demands of the company. Their visit to Canada follows the release of an Amnesty International report detailing forced evictions and house burnings near Barrick’s Porgera Mine. see report: “Undermining Rights: Forced evictions and police brutality around the Porgera gold mine, Papua New Guinea”

Members of the Diaguita Huascoaltinos Indigenous and Agricultural Community, who recently had their claim against the Chilean State admitted by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, will speak out about Barrick’s operation on their lands without their Free, Prior and Informed Consent. see Diaguita Huascoaltinos announcement of the IACHR complaint.

More info: If you are interested in helping make food, art, or music at the event, please contact


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