Operation in Quetta, Martyrdom of a Baloch “mother” and arrest of hundreds of Baloch would strengthen freedom’s movement. BSO Azaad

Baloch Student Organization Azaad’s central spokesperson regarded the attack of Pakistan’s forces in Saryab and its surrounding areas, disdaining Baloch norms and values, Martyrdom of a Baloch mother and arrest of hundreds of Baloch elders and youth, as colonial ferocity, and said that such approaches and violence strengthen national movements rather than weakening them, and the assault on the Balochs in Saryab and its adjoining areas would intensify Baloch nations movement for liberation.

Meanwhile in a Seminar organized by Baloch Student Organization Azaad in Baghbana (Khuzdar), Central Secretary-General Zahid Baloch, Member of Central Committee Ali Ahmed Baloch, Baloch National Movement’s Central representative Khuda Baksh Baloch, Aijaz Baloch and Zulfiqar Baloch of Baghbana Zone said that Baloch would not accept the Independence which would be given in charity by International Imperialists rather we are struggling for our national independence with the support of our own masses and their power and Baloch history would never forgive the people, organizations and so called political parties who are consciously hindering the struggle for Independence. Speakers said that Balochistan was an sovereign state before 1948 which was later occupied, the people who regard Baloch movement as a separatist movement are the actual paid agents of Imperialists and are traitors for Baloch nation, and these are the same elements who are trying to astray Baloch nation with the slogans of the revival of constitutions and democracy (in Pakistan) and slogans against Sardari system, in reality these elements are the same elements who are working to strengthen Sardari system and tribalism and are also supporting the occupiers to exploit Baloch resources and in kidnapping of pro Independence Baloch youth. The speakers further said that the international state of affairs do not become favorable for any nation by itself instead nations have to search for international allies and empathizers by themselves, the conditions today demand’s Baloch nation to stand with an ideology shoulder to shoulder in order to safeguard their National Identity, National Independence and against the exploitation of their national resources. In order to counter the plans of imperialists and opportunists and in order to attain the Independence of Baloch motherland Baloch youth should abandon comforts and eases and should practically work for the national movement.

Source: Sagaar.org

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