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شہید دودا بگٹی نے شہدائے مرگاپ کی یاد کو تازہ کردیا ہے، بی آر اے

بی یو سی نیوز: بی آر اے کے کمانڈر ناڑی بلوچ اور راجہ بلوچ نے کہا کہ چھتر فلیجی پر ریاستی فورسز کے آپریشن کے دوران بی آر اے کے کمانڈر دودا چاکرانی بگٹی شہید ہوئے جبکہ سرمچاروں‌کی کارروائی سے ایف سی کے چھ اہلکار ہلاک اور تین زخمی ہوئے ہیں۔

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Martyrs of Murghaap – 1st death anniversary – Gwadar


Date: April 03, 2010

Location: Gwadar, Balochistan


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BNM activist Mahboob Wadhela Baloch, son of Mir Abdul Nabi Bangulzai whisked away

Occupied Balochistan: Son of Mir Abdul Nabi Bangulzai, Bohair Baloch has been abducted on Thursday (01-04-2010) from Askari Park Quetta. According to details Mir Bohair Bangulzai was driving home near Askari Park Quetta when he disappeared along with his car. It is widely believed that he has been abducted by the intelligence agencies of Pakistan, like thousands of other Baloch political activists from Balochistan. Relatives of Mir Bohair have contacted the local authorities but they have failed to trace him so far.

Karachi Baloch activist whisked away: A senior activist of BNM (Baloch National Movement) Mahboob Wadhela Baloch was snatched from a Karachi-Gwader bound passenger van here on Friday morning. According to details Mahboob Baloch alongside several other passengers were about to leave for Gwader from Karachi when several plane-clothed officials of intelligence agencies stopped the passenger van at Yousaf Goath in Karachi. The eye witnesses have reported that plane-clothed men abducted Mr Wadhela at gun point; almost dragged him to their vehicle and drove off towards an unknown location. The witnesses noted that the perpetrators were driving an official car.
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