Cultural day mourning

By: Diagoh Murad

Sunday, March 07, 2010

On 2nd March 2010, the dawn rose to welcome another Black day for Baloch nation who are colonized by Iran & Pakistan, Being a colony Pakistani suppressed Baloch nation never realized that something this could happen to them but as Iranian Suppressed Baloch are concerned they have faced this mortification in the past also where they have been pressured to surrender their culture and language to the neo-colonial power of Irani Shia controlled State. The International cultural day celebrated by every nation in the world, where a nation is free to cherish their Culture in whatever forms they like, they are given free will to debate, create forums, publicize their culture to the whole world and The State in which these culture flourish push them to the forefront so that the culture of such nation becomes visible to the whole world (India being a good example, where every nation have their own forums to debate on their cultural values & morals). But Pakistan is a country in South East Asia where Army controlled agencies dispatch bombs on culture commemoration to suppress and let the colonized nation memorize that they control the cards and they have the authority whether to let these commemoration take place or to turn them into Hell.

The day of 2nd March was an energetic day for Baloch nation as the youth were mobilized to gather and setup their cultural events in different parts of Occupied Balochistan but what they didn’t knew that Pakistan disguise as an Islamic state also support cultural discrimination, It is not this that Islam also support this kind of policies but Pakistan is not an Islamic state it was created in the name of Islam but the rule and law of this artificial state are not Islamic they are devilish in nature. The day brought corpses of youths who were very much aware that this kind of discrimination has been destined with them when they were occupied by Pakistan on 28 March 1948, The Media reported

“That Baloch Students Organisation (Azaad) and Baloch Culture Forum were observing the International Cultural day in Khuzdar Engineering University. When the personal of Pakistan FC (frontier corps) hurled three hand grenades on the crowd. Speaking to Radio Gwank a Baloch student has said that more than 18 youth have sustained injuries including a teacher Mr Jalal Shah and some senior BSO (A) leaders. According to Radio Gwank report the FC has surrounded the University after the attack. The injured have been shifted to Hospital and many youth were heading to the hospital to donate blood to their injured comrades.”

Now also note this that two activists of BSO (A) Sangat Sikandar Baloch & Sangat Junaid Baloch embraced martyrdom in the attack and 18 Baloch got injured. May be some would not believe these claims that the Pakistani FC would take such steps toward Baloch nation but we should not forget the scene where the FC (Frontier Corps) was involved in the abduction of 3 political leaders who were later found dead in the outskirts of Turbat to Which UN also issued its statement and condemned such acts as inhuman, But though everything is clear like water nobody is ready to take action against the gory incident which was perpetrated by the Pakistani agencies to subdue the Baloch youths and other political parties for their involvement in the struggle and putting an end to Pakistani politics inside occupied Balochistan.

On the 3rd March 2010 the Baloch celebrated the International Cultural Day to fresh up their thoughts and to cherish their culture which is the symbol of theirs as a nation, but though all was well for the youth wing of BSO (A) who are on the forefront of this fifth struggle of National Liberation and who are playing the biggest role in this struggle apart from other political parties. BSO (A) being a student organization is very much active in the political ground of Balochistan where it has support of maximum Baloch nation and who have been the playing as biggest rivals of Pakistani agencies. Although a student organization but it has given more sacrifices then any other political party in Balochistan, BSO has its past history as being the sole representative of Baloch struggle from which many martyred Baloch have risen in the political forums. Having such reputation the agencies of Pakistan have always been keen to abduct torture or murder the activists of BSO so that the backbone of Baloch struggle may break but what they forget is that BSO is just a representative the roots of Baloch Struggle are deep inside Balochistan.

This incident is the proof that Pakistan does not consider Baloch has a human being and the Baloch culture is also not accepted by Pakistani federation so to finish up the roots of Balochi culture this act was perpetrated to sabotage the peace and the morals of Baloch nation. The main point is this that a (So-called) Baloch armed group namely “Baloch Armed Defense Army” claimed the responsibility of the attack and also stated that they will continue their acts until all the pro-independent political parties don’t give up.

“A Spokesman of Baloch Armed Defence Army has claimed responsibility of bomb explosion at Khuzdar Engineering University. Speaking with Correspondents form unknown place by telephone in Khuzdar Press Club, Mir Jang Baloch warned BSO Azad and its factions, Baloch National Front, BRP to targeting them. Spokesman also warned Correspondents not to public news of BSO factions or his army would target them as well. Spokesman said that they would offer more resistance and target BSO, Baloch National Front and BRP in every nook and corner of Balochistan.”

There are some points that are to be questioned first from this so called group.

1. Who is Mir Jang Baloch?
2. To what the Pro-independent parties should give up they didn’t specified that?
3. “Baloch Armed Defense Army” to whom this organization is defending?
4. Why a Baloch armed group would sabotage its own Cultural Commemoration program?
5. Why the Armed group didn’t state NP & BNP in their list?

First question has no answer as nobody knows who this newly born character is and from where he belongs as this is not the first time that a Baloch has claimed such incident in the springs of 2005, a bomb blast occurred in Karachi to which “Chakar Baloch” specified himself as a spokesman of BLA (Balochistan Liberation Army) claimed responsibility for the incident which was later verified by Balochistan Rights Watch that this man was a bogus spokesman and neither BLA perpetrated this act but still the agencies and the federally controlled armed organization maligned BLA for these incident to piece up the reputation of BLA. Now this character “Mir Jang Baloch” is no different that Chakar Baloch of the past as Pakistani agencies always try to use a Baloch pawn to put dispute in the Baloch struggle.

The second state where an armed group wants to end up all activities of the Pro-Independent parties goes to only one point as whose words are these, may be the mouth which spoke these words was of a Baloch but the lines were not in the favor of Baloch nation. First thing that these Pro-independent parties are doing is against Pakistani federation and they are demanding total freedom for Baloch nation and Balochistan so one with a common sense see who will profit more from the end of Pro-Independent parties. Pakistan has been very active to use the divide and rule policy over Baloch society it has used it in the past and so it is being used in this throttle condition where Pakistan sees fear of balkanization

The third part that this organization is blamed of that the name of this so called organization is Baloch Armed Defense Army but it seems like it is very much keen to defend Pakistani interest rather than defending Baloch because the incident of Cultural day gave corpses to Baloch nation and Baloch was wounded in this incident not a Pakistani or a foreigner they were simple youth Baloch who were there to celebrate their culture with their heart felt feeling for their cherished language and culture but this organization only want gore and death of innocent students to which this pathetic group claims itself to be the defender of Baloch.

The Fourth question gives an overview that who ever perpetrated this act was not a Baloch even if we for the sake of argument recognize this organization as a Baloch armed group it is still confusing that a Baloch could sabotage its own cultural commemoration to which they belong. This culture is not created by BSO (A) or Sangat Sikandar Baloch or Sangat Junaid Baloch neither Pakistani federation were the founder of this culture, it is a culture which is with the Baloch nation from its birth so how can a Baloch group could do this to its own cultural event or is the case of no morals no values to ones own kit n kin.

The fifth question is kind of something that ticks the mind of every Baloch that why only the pro-independent political parties were specified in the hit list of this so called Baloch armed group is it this that it was created by these very parliamentary politicians to counter the pro independent political parties so they could finish off  the obstacle they face between them and their seat in the senate of Pakistani federation or is it the support of NP & BNP which has given this group the courage to perpetrate this act against innocent youths. The question is complicated but clear that NP & BNP were not listed in Baloch Armed Defense Group as they didn’t see these 2 political parties as their enemies.

By all these questions there is a clear sign that this group “Baloch Armed Defense Army” is not in the support of Independency for Balochistan and it is going to take extreme measures to destroy all the pro independent parties but one thing this armed group forgot that these political parties have faced these severe condition for long they are and will be always ready for this kind of treatment from the Pakistani agencies or Pakistani pawns whom are manufactured to sabotage this struggle of National Liberation.

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