Intnternational Baloch Culture Day

International Baloch Culture Day

BSO Azaad Lasbella Zone Organised a Great Balochi Cultural Show on 2nd March International Balochi Culture Day in LUWAMS Campus Ground.

Baloch Culture Day’s Dho Chaapi program, held at Maari Pur Karachi. Dated on 2nd March 2010.

Peoples of Lasbella & near by visited the show & they highly appreciated BSO Azaad on Organizing such a great BALOCHI Cultural show in a critical situation when Balochistan is in a war. Peoples were all dressed in Balochi costume’s. Man’s were wearings great Balochi Paag’s.,Long Balochi Shalwar’s. Balochi Handmade Vascoats. Balochi Handmade Cap’s and Women’s were Also wearing Balochi Costumes. Its was highly appreciated by the visitors. They appreciated alot to BSO Azaad on organizing such a great show.

Show was divided into 3 parts.

1- Exhibition of Balochi Historian Cultural things :
Stalls were set-upped in which Legendary Balochi Sword’s. Potteries. Arms & Ammunition were put for the Exhibiton.

2- Balochi Cultural music & Dance:
Balochi Music with Balochi Musical Instrument TAMBOORAG was runged . On which DO-CHAAPI (Balochi Cultural Dance) was done. Horse & Camel Dance was also organized in which Horses and Camels Danced on BALOCHI Cultural Music’s.

3- Seminar on BALOCHI cultural:
BSO Azaad Lasbella Zonal President MAsood Baloch & Mumtaz Baloch (zonal Snr Vice President) Adressed from the Seminar. They Said The nations dies By forgetting Their Cultures.

Alive Nation Never Forget their culture., Nations can be identified by their Culture & Language. They said today Bloods of Martrys of BALOCHISTAN’s. Struggle of Sarmachar’s ( BALOCH Freedom Fighters) & Sacrifices of Kidnapped & Jailed Baloch Leader’s give a great identity to their 1000’s years Old BALOCHI Culture.,They Said By their Sacrife’s Today World Came to know BALOCH is a graet nation with a great culture., They Said BALOCHI Culture never allows Slavery.,Baloch Leader’s Martryrs & Fighters gave message to World that we were free nation Pakistan Occupied us .,Pakistan Ruined are Holy BALOCHI Culture with Occupation.. Visitors Highly Appreciated Baloch Student’s & They Were All dressed in Balochi Costume’s.. Atlast, BSO Azaad Members took an oath that they will always make alive their Old n great Holy Culture.

Report: BSO Azaad Media Cell



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