Attacks on Baloch students illustrate the intentions of Punjab: Hyrbyair Marri

LONDON: Patriot Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri strongly condemned the attacks on Baloch students in Punjab and that the attacks on Baloch students by Punjabi chauvinist groups show that they [Punjabi] are the biggest enemy of Baloch education. They have looted Balochistan’s natural resources and made thousands of Universities and colleges in Punjab. This unnatural state [Pakistan] has not only been plundering Balochistan’s resources from last 60 years but they have treated Baloch land as their colony, which shows their real motives.

Baloch nation have been made slaves through the forceful occupation of Baloch land. Punjab is sending their people in Balochistan to work as informants where as real owners of Balochistan [the Baloch] are being expelled in order to continue the massacre of Baloch people by every mean. If a Punjabi is touched in Balochistan they make a big hue and cry all around but they [Punjabis] are silent on the massacre of Baloch people. The doors of education have already been closed for the Baloch people in Balochistan but now some Punjabi narrow-minded parties are targeting Baloch students in Punjab as well.

Baloch enemies have always accused that Baloch were against education but the attacks on Baloch students in Punjab proved that the government of Pakistan & Punjab are the biggest enemy of Baloch education. Successive governments of the state always wanted to enslave Baloch in order to strengthen their occupation on Baloch land. The deceptive enemy has no interest in Baloch education they just need Balochland and natural resources.

Baloch youth everywhere, should continue their educational activities; Baloch Nation is capable of running a better education system in Independent Balochistan. If the educational demands of Baloch youth could not be met in Balochistan. Inshallah we will send our youth to America, Europe and other countries for better education. Balochistan will be the centre of excellent education in the world.

Source: Baloch Warna

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One response to “Attacks on Baloch students illustrate the intentions of Punjab: Hyrbyair Marri

  1. Assalam aleikoum warahamtullahi wabarakatuh,

    If this is the way these bastards want to treat our children then the same treatment should be given to them. If any of these Punjabis are seen in Baluchistan at any moment and time they should be eliminated and disposed of without claiming any responsibility of who did it and why it was done. It should be silently done and any time any government vehicles are spotted in Baluchistan and even cars of these bastards then the remedy is to get the occupants out by dumping them in a remote area where there is no point of return and have their imminent death by thirst. The cars should be repainted and used for other missions and any weapons seized should be used to gain more weapons. The Sui gas filed should be rendered useless and supply incapacitated to an extent of starving the industries in Punjab without any energy to operate. An army must be established to counter the effects of the Pakistani army in Baluchistan. We must print our own currency and Passports and have border controls put in place at every point where we share a common border with Pakistan and no one I repeat no military of Pakistan be allowed to cross into our lands but be met with fire. We need not declare independence as we always have been independent whether the United Nations recognize us or not. The side of Baluchistan in Iran too must be secured. We need all the Baluchis all over the World to contribute at least 2% of their earnings in supporting our military forces and do our best to collect funds and assistance from all peace loving Nations of the World so that we can defend ourselves and become self sufficient and sell our gas to those who can pay for it directly through an established Baluchistan Energy Corporation and contract be signed by those countries willing to pay for our gas. If Qatar can do it so can we. Is it difficult to secure our borders to prevent these bastards from entering our lands? The Gwadar port is to be taken over and given to the highest bidder and caution must be taken to prevent any country form ever refusing to leave our Port when we choose to remove them just as not to make the mistake Cuba made with the US in Guantanamo Bay. Stipulations in the contract must be specifically stated that we reserve the right to abrogate the contract at our will. Wake up and lets build our Nation together brothers and sisters by force and not words on internet. All efforts have to be made to achieve these issues. It is about we took matters into our own hands. Until when are we going to allow us to be bullied and our resources plundered and our women be disrespected? It is normal for Punjabis to sell their women for gains but it is taboo for us to allow our women to be disrespected as they are our mothers, daughters and the future of our Nation. We must firth and continue to fight and never stop no matter what they put on the table for us let us remember it just a mind games that these kocheks (saag) have been playing with us.
    Long live Baluchistan and Long live the defenders i.e. all the mujahedeen fighting for the liberation of our Nation. Please keep your old differences aside and let us all unite just like the ANC and Mr. Nelson Mandela in South Africa united under one banner. Please let us get help and support form Mr. Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma the President of South Africa. Delegation should be sent to him to us for assistance and support as they went through a lot. We need to get an audience with Mr. Banki Moon the UN Secretary General and bring this artificial Nation of Pakistan to book once and for all and no compromise be accepted as this rogue nation has put our entire country into living like beggars and in miseries and no one should ever bully us again.

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