Baloch armed group did not threaten any private school: Meerak Baloch

Quetta: Meerak Baloch a spokesman for the Baloch resistance organisation Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has denied the media report about the threats to a private School in Gwader Balochistan. In a phone call to different news agencies Mr Baloch said that “We have nothing to do with the media reports and pamphlets accusing our organisation for threatening a private school to stop co-education”.

He further explained that nobody can deny the significance of women’s role in all spheres of life alongside men. “We want to bring a harmonious education system in the National interest of Baloch people in accordance with political, economic and social changes and developments, because the current education system of the unnatural state is total class system to only serve the interest of colonial, imperialist powers and their agents”.

On the other hand the occupying states have always put Balochistan in the dark through the state forces, people living in cities and far flange areas of Balochistan have consistently and equally been deprived of education, because of such discriminatory acts of the state illiteracy has deep roots in Baloch society. He said that they (Baloch armed groups) understand the importance of education and that is why asked all Baloch youth (boys and girls) that beside the armed struggle they should focus on their education as well.

Baloch intellectuals, highly educated mothers, sisters and brothers are well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of imperial educational system. “It is easy to follow the class educational system but we wish to save our next generations from this outmoded class policy of education” he said. Meerak Baloch said at these circumstances of war Baloch political parties, social organisations, and educated lot should help the resistance organisations (Baloch fighters). He said it may be difficult and tedious to fulfill Baloch national demands but it is not impossible at all, with hard work and National zeal we can overcome all the hardships that we are facing today.

According to Baloch traditions women hold very significant place in Baloch society and women also played great roles in all spheres of life alongside men. “Baloch Nation should co-operate with us and Baloch women should continue to play their role in Baloch National movement”.

Meerak Baloch has also claimed attacking an FC vehicle near Main Ghundi using a remote controlled device. He claimed that three security forces personal were killed in the attack which took place yesterday near Hazar Ganji Park in Quetta.

Courtesy: Daily Tawar, Intekhab & Daily Dunya
Source: Baloch Warna

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