Untimely demise of Amir Bux is not less than a national tragedy: Hyrbyair Marri

Shaheed Amir Bux will always be remembered as a National Hero: BNM

Hyrbyar Marri

Quetta/London: Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri has said that he was sad and shocked by the news of the untimely death of one the brave and patriot sons of soil. He said that Shaheed Amir Bux Baloch was a determined and courageous friend who spent his life defending the Baloch land and Balochistan. His sudden demise is not less than a national tragedy for Baloch National struggle. “Baloch Nation and the youth will always remember their martyred friend as a hero, who had practically struggled and defended the motherland”.
The Baloch will always need the services of an honest, competent and experienced friend like Shaheed Amir Bux Langove. He and his family have raised the heads of Baloch people with pride and dignity for their devotion to Balochistan, realistic struggle and sacrifices. Amir Bux followed the path and ideology of his brother Shaheed Majeed Baloch and paid the ultimate price for liberation. He said that Mr Langove’s family is very fortunate to have brought up such brave sons, and if Baloch youth want to be remembered as heroes they should follow the path of Shaheed Amir Bux and his brother Shaheed Majeed Baloch. “Every Baloch should be proud of Shaheed Amir Bux and his family and learn lessons for their sacrifices. I knew Amir from very well, his practical struggle, experience and ideology was remarkable. I’m sad by the untimely physical departure of such a brave and honest friend. His loss is a National tragedy and these are moments of mourning” the Baloch leader said.

Meanwhile General Secretary of BNM Mr Khalil Baloch has said that Shaheed Amir Baloch’s name will always live on and he will be remembered as a hero of Nation. He said that Amir Bux followed the path of his martyred brother and other Baloch martyrs who sacrificed their precious lives for the liberation of Balochistan.

He said although Amir Bux’s sudden death is great loss for Baloch people, especially for Baloch freedom movement but his mission will be completed by the Baloch youth. There are thousands of Baloch who follow the ideology of Baloch martyrs and the ideological friends of the Shaheed will continue to work for the completion of the mission of Baloch martyrs.

“The entire Baloch Nation is shocked at his early demise but at the same time they are proud of their brave soldier and pay rich tributes to him” said Mr Khalil Baloch.

Courtesy: DailyDunya and Tawar
Source: Baloch Warna

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One response to “Untimely demise of Amir Bux is not less than a national tragedy: Hyrbyair Marri

  1. Shaheed Sagaar Baloch tara sad salam bat ,Balochistan haqekaq-a ak Farzant-a che o Baloch Qom ak Sarmachar-a che mahroom beta. man duha kana Waja Khuda tara wati Jannat-a Balochistan-e ak sabzen bagge beiat. ameeeeeen

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