Baloch Vanguards Calendar 2010

Baloch Vanguards Calendar 2010

Dear all

We are pleased to present The Baloch Calendar for 2010 .  To best of our ability and knowledge we have tried to provide information about Martyrs, profile of Intellectuals and historical events of Baloch nation.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Baloch web sites and virtual groups that have encouraged and provided us with useful information to complete this project, especially The Baloch, Baloch Warna, Baluch Sarmachar, Sarmachar Tribune, Gwank and Baloch Culture. We are also grateful to intellectuals particularly Waja Abdul Samad Ameeri and Waja Ismail Ameeri for their help in terms of information cleansing. Our thanks are over due to Waja Janmohd Dashti, Waja Dr. Hameed Baloch and Waja Dr Inayatullah Baloch for compiling and writing informative books that guided us a lot in our work.

There is always room for improvement and correction, therefore, we will welcome and appreciate feedbacks from all our well wishers about the calendar. As you may notice that some dates of this calendar are without information. This is due to unavailability of information. We will be more than happy if anyone can provide information and pictures for empty dates or wants to highlight missing dates to update The Baloch Calendar for 2010.Our contact detail are available on the calendar site.

Thanking you in anticipation
Baloch Vanguards Team

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