I’m ready for direct talks with Army: Hayrbyar Marri

Hayrbyar Marri

BALOCH nationalist leader Harbiyar Marri has said he believes in resolving Balochistan issues through negotiation, adding that he was ready for direct negotiations with the Pakistan Army but in the present of international guarantors like the United Nations or European Union.

Talking to a private TV channel on Wednesday, Harbiyar made it clear that freedom of Baloch people would be on top of their agenda. There was a need to first settle a score with former president Pervez Musharraf over the murder of Akbar Bugti, he added.

He further called the sitting IG FC in Balochistan a mini-Musharraf, saying that such elements were further worsening the situation in the province.

“I’m against feudal system in Balochistan,” he said, adding “I do not recognise Balochistan as part of Pakistan, and we have been deprived of our rights for 60 years.” To a query, Harbiyar said Balochistan Package and NFC Awards could have been a good news for Pakistan but not for Balochistan, as the Baloch wanted their own recognition. He further said the Package would not reduce tension or bitterness. He said he feared that the Baloch people might become minority in their native areas because of Gwadar project. To another query, he said he never sought help from India to carry out their struggle. “It is not a matter of treason if we convey our concerns to international community including India,” he argued.

Harbiyar alleged that politicians were using Punjab against Balochistan under a conspiracy.

Source: Nationa


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4 responses to “I’m ready for direct talks with Army: Hayrbyar Marri

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  2. long live hayrbiyar marri and our sarmachars.we paray for you.

  3. send all of baloch sarmachars

  4. norouz

    very well hayrbiyar marri our great leader..
    god bless you insha allah .

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