Pakistan’s “anchrocarcy”

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Malik Siraj Akbar

By Malik Siraj Akbar

News One, a Pakistani private news channel, invited me last night to speak in one of its one-hour talk shows. The topic of the discussion was Indian’s involvement in Balochistan and the state of security in the province. The reason I agreed to speak in the show, despite knowing that it is the same channel that provides time and space to lunatic “Pakistani nationalist” Zaid Hamid, was because the anchorperson said he was an ex-colleague from Daily Times.

As the talk show began, the anchorperson expected me to confirm that India was responsible for the mess in Balochistan. I said no. He interrupted and said but there was solid evidence. I said that had never been presented publically.

“So are you trying to say India is not involved in the affairs of the Balochistan,” he asked for the third time.

“No,” I said, ” Balochistan is an indigenous issue.”

“Malik sahib,” he interrupted me for the fourth time,” speak as a journalist. Be objective. Now tell me, is India destabilizing Pakistan via Balochistan or not?”

“Well, I come from the school of thought that believes Balochistan is an internal matter of Pakistan. India never directed Musharraf to kill Nawab Bugti nor was the plan for ‘missing persons’ prepared by RAW,” I snapped.

I was interrupted again. It was the forth rude interruption.

“Malik sahib we don’t want someone from a ‘school of thought’. We want someone to tell us the actual ground situation from Balochistan. Tell us the “facts” how India is supporting the Baloch movement?”

This time I was annoyed. I protested.

“Mr. Amjad [name of the anchorperson] why are you trying to put words in my mouth? Why are you not allowing me to speak? Why do you keep interrupting me? Please don’t expect me to give replies as you desire,” I said.

As I refused to give answers as they expected, the news channel conceitedly cut me off air. On the other hand, another participant in the same talk-show from the government side who was “100% sure” about India’s involvement in Balochistan, was allowed to speak throughout the show.

Of course, I was not disappointed by this attitude of the ‘anchrocarcy’ in Pakistan. I only came to know why Islamabad fails to understand Balochs and Balochistan. They think everyone is a purchasable commodity. I am sorry. I am not the right person to take online next time. No India-Israel-Jewish-bashing can I do. Wrong number.



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3 responses to “Pakistan’s “anchrocarcy”

  1. Jasim Baloch

    Dear Siraj What ever U did In that Program that was Your Duty to reveal the reality ,and u did very well , Every Realistic person agree But in that Program You said That i Belong From That school of Thought that believe that Balochistan is an internal matter of Pakistan, as a Journalist You did your duty very well but being a Baloch still you think that Balochistan is Part of pakistan Or it is Pakistans Internal Problem, But I think You are well aware about the historical relation of Pakistan and Balochistan Then me , And u know that Balochistan is occupied Tertiary, But……..?????

  2. Well done Waja Malik Siraj Akber. You have proved that no real Baloch is a purchasable commodity. The
    Punjabis have a misconception about Baloch because
    they think like Baloch parliamentarians they can purchase any Baloch. But they are gravely mistaken.
    The parliamentarians who sold themselves to Punjab
    cannot dare to visit their own constituencies and are
    living in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. How many millions of Baloch could be purchased & accomodated in Islamabad & Punjab? As such we advise Pakistani media men to come to their senses
    and instead of labelling India, Afghanistan and Israel
    for the unrest prevailing in Balochistan. They must
    be courageous enough to ask their Government & elected MPs to confess their crimes of miss-handling
    the people of Balochistan since 62years and depriving them of their legetimate human rights.
    If the government once confess their mistakes; then a solution for the problem could be insight. But as long as the military aggression against innocent people of Balochistan continues; the abduction, arrest of Baloch youth are prolonged; the torture
    cells of ISI & MI are not wiped out totally; the Military & Semi Military forces not pulled out of
    Balochistan; all arrested men & women and missing persons immediately released; all displaced person
    resettled and compensated. All ISI & MI personals
    withdrawn from Balochistan; all Military & civilian
    Officers responsible for killings, plunderind, toturing Baloch brought to justice and duly punished; no peace could prevail in Balochistan.Balochistan had
    ever since centuries been an Independent state; which was agreed by Mr.Jinnah at the time partition
    of India. An stand still agreement was chalked out
    between Kalat(Balochistan) & Pakistan. As such all
    the clauses of same agreement be put forward and
    duly respected by both the parties(Kalat & Pakistan).
    If however, the government is sincere and determined to save country & countrymen; then the only choice remains with them to concede to the demands of people of Balochistan . Accept the Freedom of Balochistan and negotiate an amicable solution to all outstanding problems as well as future brotherly & good neighborly relations between them.
    Sincerely yours

  3. Ali Arjemandi

    Yes, unfortunately both the Pakistani and Irani establishments put their failurs and their brutal acts against poor, powerless and innocent Baloch to the foreign powers. See, from the Pakistani parliament, the Pakistani prime minister at one hand and her presdient from the other hand, confess and acknowledge the excesses, injustices and brutal military operations had been unjustifiyable conducted against the indigenous Baloch population, and asked for forgiveness and apology for that!!!
    On the other side, these shameless, socalled TV hosts, blame India for inciting violence in Balochistan!!! Amazing!!! Not?
    You, socalled Pakistanis, you should look to the bahiour of your socalled Islamic state towards Baloch and Balochistan. What the hell, this state has done for the Baloch and balochistan? They have given 5 larg scale , devetating military operations against the Baloch, instead of any development, or at least have not let the Baloch, do anything for themselves.
    When, the whole guilt is committed by Pakistan against Baloch, what you expect from them? Should Baloch come with fllowers to your occupying and cruel soldiers? Why blame India? While, India in her part, even not given us one bullet or one Rupee of worth help. I wish, India would have helped us. If India, was helping us, we would have asked them ani-aircraft weapons, that we could defend us from your jet fighters and helicopters. This is not a shame to accept help from any corner, when you are unjustifiable under attack. And, India should also wake up and look at the allegations!!! If India has any sense of GEIRAT, should come on the ground and help us. India has to Understand, that, until, the tale of Pakistan is not cut down, she will face allways terrorism from this brutal, and tyranic country, called Pakistan. Pakistan has no, and does not know what is shame. Pakistan, claiming to defend the rights of Kashmiris, if it is right, then what Pakistan has done to the Kashmiris, who are part of Pakistan today? Nothing, absolutely nothing.
    What Pakistan has done in her 63 years of existence, is just keeping Kashmir as her excuse in order let the army rull the country. And in all these 63 years, she has fed just an army,. and an elite of Punjabi bearucrates and retired army officers, and develop Punjab. The defenders of Pakistan, should try, to keep with their Punjab, not trying to keep the enslavement of Baloch, Sindhi and Pashtoon nations. Pakistan at the first place was established to protect the interests of the old colonial power great Britain and Americans against the Russia and Soviet Union.
    And that situation has gone to it`s end!!!
    There is no need of Pakistan any longer, so it is the high time, that the so called Pakistanis, come to the term of realities, and think of their own Punjab, and keep out of their mind to keep enslaving of Baloch any longer. And the Baloch, have come to the conclussions that there is no more room to staying in slavery!!! If Punjab, do not try to understand the situation on the ground, then Punjab, will pay a very high price, both by human and materials. So it is for the best of all them, that this unwanted union go to a peaceful divorce.
    If Punjab, sooner accept this divorce, yes more favore she get from the Independent Balochistan.
    Because, Punjab is in need of Baloch energy sources, so it is in the interest of Punjab to accept ground realities, and avoid much blood shed and waste of man and resources. Punjab instead of killing Baloch, use these man and wealth for her development, not killing the Baloch. And, Baloch, accept nothing than: INDEPENDENCE.
    The Punjabi, should understand, by trying holding Talk shows and blaming India, can not continue oppressing and colonilizing Balochistan.
    Ali Arjemandi,
    Oslo, Norway

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