Nationalists reject package as charity

By: Bari Baloch

“We even can’t imagine any agreement with Pakistani rulers until and unless Balochistan becomes an independent State. They are ready for any dialogue with Pakistan rulers if it is for independence of Balochistan.”
Nawabzada Harbiyar Marri

Text of Balochistan Package [Daily Times]

QUETTA – The Baloch nationalist parties have termed the much hyped proposed Balochistan package ‘Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan’, nothing less than a charity for the people of Balochistan.

It may be mentioned that the main elements who are rejecting the package in Balochistan are nationalist forces. As far as Baloch nationalist forces are concerned they are divided into two groups.

BNF which is an alliance of eight Baloch nationalist parties had outrightly rejected the package and any negotiations with the govt.

Nawabzada Harbiyar Marri, a son of veteran Baloch nationalist leader Khair Bakhsh Marri while rejecting the package said that no change had come in the mindset of the Pakistani rulers.

‘We even can’t imagine any agreement with Pakistani rulers until and unless Balochistan becomes an independent State’, he clarified.

He regretted that President Asif Ali Zardari and his government had only talked for formation of inquiry commission to probe into killing of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and other thousands of Baloch people, while they were spending millions of rupees to probe the killing of Benazir Bhutto by UN.

He said that Sindhi rulers had also started the same joke with Baloch nation which had been done by Punjab.

He said, ‘they are ready for any dialogue with Pakistan rulers if it is for independence of Balochistan’.

Commenting on the package, veteran Baloch leader and former President of National Party, Doctor Abdul Hayee Baloch rejected the package,saying ‘we do not want any charity from Federal government rather we want our Constitutional rights’.

He said that all nationalist and democratic forces of Balochistan had demanded for self-rule and right of power on their own resources.

‘Pakistan is a multi-national State and all nationalities should be given equal rights’, he added.

NP leader said that former President Pervez Musharraf was the killer of Nawab Akbar Bugti and everybody knows this fact, then why rulers were hesitating to take action against him instead of forming a commission.

He alleged that Balochistan had badly affected due to military drive, and the rulers in the name of package would once again use brute force against innocent people.

Veteran Baloch leader Sardar Attaullah Mengal termed the package a ‘joke’ and said that he would not want to become part of any joke when this scribe contacted him to know his views about the proposed package.

‘I deem even any comment on this package an insult’, he said and added ‘rulers of this country did not bother during last 60 years to know what is the real problem of Balochistan’.

Talking to The Nation on phone, Senator Abdul Malik Baloch, who also attended the session, said package was fraud and there was nothing in it which could heal the wounds of Baloch people.

He stressed that govt should take steps for ending alleged military drive and recover the missing persons of the province.

‘Without accepting the right of ownership of Balochistan on its resources and coast, problems will not be solved’, he added.

Jamil Akbar Bugti, son of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti said that Balochistan Package was introduced to divert the attention of masses from National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).

He said that they had never attached hopes with packages or committees. Formation of commission on Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti would be like Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission report.

He said that instead of constituting committees and announcing packages, killers of his father Nawab Bugti should be arrested in accordance with the registered FIR.

Secretary General BNP Habib Jalib Advocate spurning the package said that they did not want packages but a new social contract which should ensure our right to self-determination and right on our own resources.

He said that owing to constant interventions of Army, Constitution of 1973 had lost its authenticity.

‘Neither 5,000 jobs can be substitute of miseries of Balochistan nor formation of commission into the killing of Nawab Bugti and other Baloch people can heal the wounds of Baloch grievances’, he added.

Provincial President Pakhtoon Khuwa Milli Awami Party, Usman Kakar said that there were two big nationalities living in Balochistan including Baloch and Pakhtoons.

Rejecting the package, he said that Pakhtoons were completely neglected in the package and they would not accept it at any cost.

Former Jamaat-i-Islami Ameer Balochistan Abdul Haq Hashmi said that provincial autonomy was an important issue of Balochistan which had not been given any importance in the package.

SOURCE: The Nation


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2 responses to “Nationalists reject package as charity

  1. Ali Arjemandi

    Dear fellow brother,
    I as a Baloch and human being appreciate your sentiments. But you have forgotten some fundamental elements in your comments. And those elements are, first, no Baloch you find who is agaianst Punjab or Punjabi or any other race or people in that matter. The ordinary Punjabi, is my brother, he is as innocent as me. The problem is not there. The problem is not with Islam too. And on the ground of religion we can not condom the great democratic country of India. And India as you have mentioned is not a KAFFIR country. You have to remember, that the second largest muslim population is living and triving in India. The problem is the one thing and that is the basis of Pakistan`s foundation which is only Islam and being muslim so you should join Pakistan. Baloch never volunteered to join Pakistan, they were annexed to Pakistan by force and at gun point, and that is the problem. If, the Pakistani leaders are corrupt or whatsoever, that is not our problem either. Our problem and goal is, we inspite of being muslims, want to stay out of Pakistan, like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or Iran. So, you have to understand, this force annexation to Pakistan have caused us inrepairable demages to the Baloch soil and people. Baloch can have a very good and prosperus life without Pakistan. And it will be good for the Pakistan too, to leave the Baloch alone, that they go their own way, and perfom their cultural and historical way, as they selves wish. The problem here, is the Punjab and Punjabis dominance in that state apparatus, which have caused injustices, cruelities and massacres of Baloch nation. There have been many nations and countries who have been colonialized, plundered and looted like the Baloch, and they had come to same conclussion like the Baloch, they chose their way to independence, like Algeria fra France, subconinent of India from Britain, and lastly but not least, East Timor from Indonesia!!! So, it is the turn of Balochistan to get rid of the Pakistani slavery and colonializm. And this Pakistani colonialism, is worse than the predesor of it, namely from the British colonialism. In British colonialism, the English men were at least little bit more fair than this Punjabi colonialism. So, please do not live in imaginary and fantacy world. Baloch, living in Pakistani colonialism and slavery experiencing one of the worst period of their history!!! So, there is no room left to live with the Pakistanis any more!!! As sooner, the Pakistni leave the Balochistan as better. Because sooner they leave, less and unnnecessary blood will shed!! So, you along with us, come to the ranks of freedom seekings for Balochistan. When you got your independence, then you would feel what the freedom, and the sense of having a country will prevail to you…Hope, you would take few minutes and think and imagine, oh how wonderful is, when you would feel, that you are a Baloch and living in free Balochistan, without feeling that a foreigner, ask and prosecute you, without committing any crime, according to todays situation.
    Do you know, what the Baloch on daily basis are experiencing? Every Baloch is being humiliated daily in traveling to every quarter of Balochistan. If you travel from for example, Karachi to Mand in Balochistan, you will be stoped more than 20 places by the so called Pakistani security forces, questioned, humiliated, insulted and your dignity as human being degraded!!! The security forces who stop you, none are Baloch, they are either Punjabi or Pattans. Have you ever asked yourself, why? Are not you traveling to your own country? If so, why foreign troops, stop you and insult you? Have you ever crossed the socalled border between tow towns of Balochistan, namely Mand and Pishin on the other side of border? If not, try just once, no place on earth you find, that the human value is so low!!! On both sides of the border, the forces who daurd there, in eastern side, are Punjabi+Pattan and on the other side are Persians!!! And for these foreign forces, Baloch, the owners of this very same land, have no human value!!
    They would ask you in a very degrading manner, who you are? Where are you going? Why? and so on…
    And there is no who dare to ask them who you ar who stand on my soil and ask e so many questions. The owners of the house and land, have nothing to say, but the occupiers, have every right to do against you…
    This situation, make every Baloch angry, and requars from every Baloch, to break this chain of slavery. The Baloch is the owner of the land and the house, who the hell are these none Baloch speaking, to harass, degrade and humiliate me? So, all these have caused and pressed the Baloch to ask for his lost right of self government. It is not some thing that the Baloch hate any other race!!! Simply Baloch asking to be respected as an equal neighbor…
    Long Live free and independent Balochistan.
    The time of colonialism and slavery has long time ago, gone…

  2. Goher Baloch

    how can india help us in freedom from pakistan?
    India itself is the enemy of Islam and baloch and Pakistan are muslims, why dont we understand the grounds? we hate punjabis aur pashtoon on grounds of race, but we forget we have a common belief, Islam. it is the country’s bad luck that it is being ruled by curropt ppl, anyone who oppses them gets killed or harrassed. Its curroption we should liberate from, not Pakistan. I used to hate punjabis as usurpers, when i went to lahore for education i met them for real. They all treated me as one of them, always asked of my family’s well being in any state of trouble in balochistan, i was taught that “they make slaves”, but they made a brother out of me, my point here is the ppl of pakistan are innocent , its crap like musharraf, ministry of interior barber malik and zardari the robber, no race is to be responsible, its curropt leaders for Allah’s sake. Do good to us baloch by sharing your wealth among poor in us, this is my request to our respected sardars and sarmachars, i feel their love for our ppl, plz dont get used by the hatred

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