VIDEO: London 2nd Anniversary of Martyr Mir Balach Marri

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Baloch Human Rights Council UK, Balochistan Rights Movement and World Sindhi Congress held a remembrance seminar on the occasion of the second martyrdom anniversary of great Baloch hero Mir Balaach Marri. The seminar was held on 22nd Nov 2009 in London University Union Building. The seminar was organised to remember and pay tribute to Mir Balaach Marri who was killed by Pakistani establishment on 20 Nov 2007. The meeting was presided by Mir Hyrbyair Marri.


One minute silence was observed to pay respect to Nawabzada Mir Balaach Marri. The meeting was widely attended by scores of Balochs and Sindhis and other human rights activists from the UK and other European countries came together to pay tribute to a brave son of the Baloch land. A number of Balochs and Sindhis spoke about the life, work, commitment and sacrifice of Mir Balaach Marri. The speakers included Mir Hyrbyair Marri, Dr. lakhu Luhana,Dr Naseer Dashti, Samad Baloch, Mehnaz Baloch, Abdullah Baloch, Mir Ghulam Hussain Baloch, Suraiya Makhdoom, Rahim Bandvoi,Professor Mustafa, Ms Stella, Jamshed Ameri, Dr. Hussain Ahmad Makhdoom, Naser Buledai, Mir Khaled Langou, Shahab Baloch, walid Garboni and Mehrab Surjoi

Speakers said that Balaach would be remembered and loved forever as one of the greatest hero of Baloch nation and a great source of inspiration for Sindhis and other oppressed nations. The speakers shed light on various aspects of Balaach’s life and struggle for the emancipation of Baloch nation. They said that Balaach had a great passion and mountainous determination to get liberation for his motherland and people. He left the high life of London and adopted one of the most difficult lives so that his nation can see liberty, dignity and peace. With his ultimate sacrifice Balaach was successful in uniting Baloch youth and tribal personalities in the struggle of National salvation.

Speakers observed that the Balochs are facing an enemy who considers Balochistan only as a strategically placed piece of land or a void territory over which he has every right to bring his own people to colonise. Speakers observed that the brutal military oppression goes unabated and still thousands of Baloch men and women are missing. It is only interested in taking the wealth of Balochistan. It has long been planning to wipe out Baloch leaders. The speakers reiterated that in the given circumstances there is no other viable solution except the freedom from the yoke of Pakistan. Speakers said that it is due to the struggle and sacrifice of Balaach and the thousands of men & women that today every Baloch has risen for the achievement of the sacred goal of National Liberation.

Speakers urged upon the Baloch to unite in order to defeat the oppressors and exploiters of the Baloch land. Speakers declared that the dream of Mir Balaach will live on and the dreams of a bright future which he cherished and for which he gave his life will become reality. Speakers also reiterated that the unity and Baloch and Sindhi people is vital for both nations to achieve their salvation.

Issued by:

Samad Baloch
Sec. General Baloch Human Rights council UK
24 Nov 2009







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2 responses to “VIDEO: London 2nd Anniversary of Martyr Mir Balach Marri

  1. Hairbyaar Marri is one of the leaders who is very clear about his point n goal. I like his stance very much. He brought the issue before the world in an absolute way.
    All the so called Baloch LEADERS should follow this young man.

  2. NP

    Can some one please ask this Mr. Khaled Langove that, if Azadi is your motive then why he did participated in 2008 Election, supported by Jam Yousaf. Double standards is the main cause of slavery, Marris always been benifiting from Pakistan. Gazin was minister, changiz minister, Herbyar minister, list goes on. Balach was an employee of C&W in Balochistan. My God.

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