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The Baloch Hal | Baloch Perspective


The Balochhal is the first online Baloch English newspaper which will bring a Baloch perspective to its readers on different issues. The online newspaper will objectively report from Balochistan, offer candid opinion, in-depth analysis, revealing interviews, investigative reports and fresh photographs.

The picture from Balochistan is too large to cover. The eyes of the whole world are currently focused on Balochistan which is, at the same time, one of the most underreported regions in the world. The need for Balochhal was desperately felt in the wake of an increasing demand for news and information from Balochistan.

The Balochhal, which is a Balochi word for Baloch news, intends to bring the news from Balochistan as it happens. We are a team of young media professionals without biases towards any religion or political ideology. Ours is a liberal and secular policy under which we will provide equal coverage to all stakeholders in Balochistan.



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3 responses to “The BalochHal (Website)

  1. Iqbal Zaheer Baloch

    Dear Malik Siraj Akbar!
    Congratulations! for launching the first Balochi online newspaper,in these circumistances it is really an approciating step.
    you have really done a great job.
    my best wishes are with you!
    Your well wisher,
    Iqbal Zaheer Baloch,Paroom,Panjgoor

  2. Dear Malik Siraj Akber,
    The publication of Balochhal news paper in English
    is considered to be a great job in right direction for
    high-lighting what is happening in Balochistan.
    For such a great job, please accept our heartiest
    congratulations; as you have succeeded in breaking
    the hard nut in this respect. We assure you of our
    solidarity, unhesitating support & cooperation.
    With best regards, we remain, dear Malik
    Sincerely yours

  3. Ameeri Baloch

    Congratulations for launching most needed
    online newspaper Balochhal.
    Please write your e-mail address for news and

    Ameeri Baloch

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