Pakistan’s colonial forces severely beated medical students



According to the reports received by Sagaar, Bolan Medical College was made a torture cell by the colonizing forces of Pakistan for Baloch medical students, where two students are severely injured and are in critical conditions.

Today, 20th October 2009, the students in their final year of medical education were asked to leave the hostels allotted to them, this was done through calling forces inside the college which created a havoc amongst the students, the female students trying to inquire what was going on were humiliated by the colonizing forces of Pakistan and the intervention of the male students costed in severe injuries to two students of medical science, naming Dr. Rashid Baloch whose arms were badly fractured by the severe beating of the forces and Waheed Haido who had injuries on his head. Dr. Rashid (BDS Final year), Waheed Haido and Dr. Rashid were arrested and were locked up including Dr. Jihand (BDS final year), Dr. Fareed (MBBS 2nd year) & Dr. Shahzeb (4th year students of MBBS).

The students of B.M.C. protested against this inhumane behavior of the forces and asked the administration to intervene in the issue. The vice principal of B.M.C. responded by visiting the police station the students were taken to, where he saw the students in critical conditions and inquired the S.H.O. of that police station for the crime of the students arrested, the police officer gave the un expected justification of beating and arresting the students by justifying this act through calling the said students to be anti Pakistan and anti Islamic, and warned the Vice Principal that if he tried to take any step to release the students then he too would have cases filed against him for supporting the anti Islamic and anti Pakistan students. This behavior of the occupying forces clearly proves the authenticity of the statements passed by Pakistani officials regarding the activities of the arrested students, this reveals the hatred factor involved in torturing and arresting Baloch students by calling them terrorists.

Thousands of Baloch students, children, youth, elders and women are facing unknown fates for the hatred Pakistan has against them and only international consent on the issue can help stop the reaction which Baloch people would have if such violations of human rights would continue.

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  1. Shoaib

    these things ll happens more in near future of ours baloch

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