Baloch students demand recovery of missing persons

Baloch Missing People

Baloch Missing People

By: Azam Khan

ISLAMABAD – Numerous Baloch students went on hunger strike against the abduction of Baloch political leaders and staged a three-day ‘Hunger Strike Camp’ before National Press Club Islamabad from 19th October 2009 to 21st October 2009.

The participants of the strike camp were holding pictures of their loved ones who were allegedly abducted by secret agencies. They were also displayed placards and posters inscribed with the names of their dear ones and prominent political leaders, who were abducted since 2001 including Jalil Reki, Ali Asghar, Dr Deen Muhammad, Nako Faiz, Zakir Majeed, Mushtaq Baloch, Ehsan Arjemandi, Mujeeb Baloch, Saleem Lango, Shurab Bugti and Master Yayha.

Walid Rind, a Baloch student, said, revealing his fear, that their abducted leadership might be killed like Nawab Akbar Bugti and Baloch Murree. Rehmat Baloch, another Baloch student, said that the basic aim of this hunger strike was to convey the concerns of Baloch people and especially students to those who were sitting in helm of affairs. “The federal government should realize the miseries of people of the Balochistan Province,” he demanded.

One of the students lamented that not a single political leader of the country visited there to show solidarity with them. Walid Rind and Hamid Baloch, organizers of the strike camp said, “We urge the UN and International Human Rights Organizations to take urgent notice against the abduction of Baloch political workers by intelligence agencies.”

Amina Masood Janjua, Chairperson Defence of Human Rights Pakistan along with the family members of missing persons also joined the Baloch students’ hunger camp.

She said that their objective was same therefore she, with other missing persons’ relatives, has decided to join the hunger strike of Baloch students. She said that it was the prime responsibility of the elected government to trace its missing citizens.

She regretted that many of them were now in the US prison, adding, “We don’t know whether they are alive or dead”.

It is relevant to mention here that Baloch students of the hunger strike camp threw light on history of sacrifices being rendered by the Baloch people during the independence moment. They noted that their ancestors were very close to Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to make stable the country but now they are being sidelined from the mainstream.

Source: The Nation

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