HRCP and extradition of Baloch prisoners to Iran

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan is an Organisation with the objectives and aims to protect the human rights of citizens of Pakistan. At every Human Rights Council Sessions it claims that it is fulfilling its objects with full responsibility. At least Asma Jhangir chairman of HRCP use to claim it every where that HRCP is doing its best.

But on the contrary if we analyse the realities and real situation of Human rights particularly at Balochistan and the HRCP position.

Abduction of Baloch legends:

The Pakistan Military Intelligence and ISI are abducting Baloch legends from the last ten years for political reasons and keeping them in military truncheons for years but the HRCP instead of raising voice for Baloch abductions is collaborating with intelligence organizations in hiding the violation of Baloch human rights. The abduction of Baloch students i.e Chakar Baloch, Zakir Majeed, Sami Baloch and hundreds of  others. As until now thousands of Balochs including females are missing. HRCP sometimes issues controversial statements about missing Balochs in order to give a controversial message to the International community and to serve Pakistan Fascist Intelligence Organizations as well. We have seen that some Baloch’s have returned to home from the Army truncheons and even they have given press statements. That they were abducted by army Intelligence organisations and were held incommunicado. And even many of them have claimed that they have seen other Baloch’s in the torture cells but HRCP has never tried to raise such evidences to ask intelligence organizations about the abductions.

Extradition of Baloch prisoners to Iran:

When I received the news that on 26th September 2009 Pakistan Intelligence Organizations have extradited and handed over 17 Baloch’s Including Mr. Ehsan Arjumandi who is a Norwegian citizen to Iran and handed them over to Iranian Intelligence Organizations. I thought that now HRCP may for the sack of a Norwegian citizen raise voice for Baloch human rights. But it is very difficult for a MI or ISI allied group to raise voice against the atrocities of Pakistan.

I myself remember the days when Iranian Intelligence personnels interrogated me about my visits to Iran in Pakistani torture cells. I also remember the words of Shaheed Haider Raisani at Quetta Central Jail about his fear that they would be handed over to Iran. As I was the translator of Mr. Haider Raisani and ICRC representatives. So, mostly ICRC was engaged to protect them from extraditing them to Iran. But I never saw any HRCP representative to help any Baloch for his human rights. And from the recent event of extraditing 17 Balochs to Iran and handing them secretly to Iranian Intelligence fascist organizations. It was quite clear that Baloch would raise this issue every where so Madame Asma Jhanghir is on a visit to Quetta as per instructions of ISI and MI officials to please Balochs that do not take this issue to other organizations as HRCP is already here to help you. But now Madame Asma Jhanghir must realize this fact that now Balochs and International community became aware of HRCP tactics.

Cold blooded murder of Baloch leaders:

The day light abduction of Baloch leaders Waja Gulam Mohammad, Waja Shair Mohammad, and waja Lala Munir from the turbat antiterrorist court and Mr. Rasool Bux Mengal from Lasbella and then torturing them to death and through their dead bodies in deserts or hanging them to trees are worst forms of violation of human rights.

On the other hand if we analyse the efforts of HRCP to ask for justice for the cold blood murder of Baloch leaders. We clearly find that HRCP is just a friendly opposition to Pakistan Intelligence Organizations MI, and ISI.

Which instead of raising and highlighting the issues of violation of Baloch Human Rights is trying to dump the issues.

After the Turbat incidence as the HRCP saw that all International organizations are taking notice of this issue and asking for to bring the perpetrator to justice. So, HRCP sent a fact finding mission to Turbat and ask the mission to submit its report to head office as soon as possible.

A draft copy of fact finding mission of HRCP on Turbat cold blood murder of Baloch leaders is attached.

As from the last four/five months HRCP head office was intentionally hiding the truth from the national and international community. Because this report clearly indicates that Pakistan Intelligence Organizations were the abductors and the killers of Baloch leaders.

Therefore I request from all media and Human Rights Organizations to take notice of this report and ask HRCP for its intentional hiding of the truth.

Munir Mengal
Paris, France
Press Release

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