Kadu Makrani: A National Hero

Imaginary sketch of Kadu Makrani
Imaginary sketch of Kadu Makrani

By Mir Saqib

Qadir Bukhsh Rind Baloch alias Kadu Makrani was a 19th century’s archetypal figure who was born and brought up in Makran, Balochistan. He rose as an insurgent in Kathiawar Gujarat, martyred and buried in Karachi Sindh in 1878. His final resting place in Mewah Shah Graveyard (Lyari) which has become the center of inspiration today. He is also remembered as the eastern Robin Hood.

When life became hard for the working classes in Makran, Balochistan due to British colonists, Kadu Makrani, with his tribe, migrated to Kathiawar, Gujarat in mid of 19th century. Due to their courage and bravery, Nawabs of Kathiawar acquired their services to eliminate dacoits of Kathiawar. Kadu Makrani and people of his tribe earned territories and properties as rewards of their services. The rise of Kadu Makrani was disturbing to British imperialists. They were looking for an excuse to disarm Kadu Makrani and his tribe to break their power. With little effort an excuse was avail when Kadu Makrani rejected social workers to enter their houses in the name of registration and census. When he was given a choice to either give away his weapons or be ready for a fight. He, with his tribe, chose to be insurgents instead of laying down their weapons. British imperialists were not surprised by Kadu’s decision as it was a typical move by a Baloch warrior. When British forces moved to Baloch villages in Kathiawar with heavy weapons, Kadu Makrani with his small army resisted very courageously. Lots of people died from both sides. This followed by series of guerilla attacks on British forces and their local friends by Kadu Makrani. This distressed British forces as they failed to counter Kadu Makrani and his little army. Although British government announced Rs1,000/- and 20 acres land reward for his head. Imaginary sketch of Kadu Makrani.

Grave mark of Kadu Makrani

Grave mark of Kadu Makrani

In late 1870s Kadu Makrani’s companions suggested him to go back to Makran for a while to ease British pressure in Kathiawar, a common practice in guerilla-warfare. From Kathiawar he moved to Ahmedabad and from there he came to Karachi, Sindh by train. In Lyari town of Karachi he set a deal with a Camel-Man (a man with Camels) to transport him to Makran. Camel-Man recognized Kadu Makrani and became greedy to get rewards on his head. Camel-Man asked Kadu to meet him behind Baghdadi police station. Camel-Man with a policeman tried to capture Kadu Makrani when he arrived behind Baghdadi police station. Kadu killed both of them with his dagger and tried to escape from there. While he was running in narrow streets of Baghdadi, a laborer dropped a heavy stone on his head to stop him without knowing who he is. Kadu was captured unconscious and after a short trial he was sentenced to death. Kadu Makrani was martyred in Karachi central jail in 1878. His body was received by Waja Dura Khan and at his burial; he was washed by Mulla Ghulam in Dura Line Kalacot (Lyari Town). This brave son of Baloch was buried in Mewah Shah Graveyard (Lyari) with honor. The actual stone that was dropped on Kadu by a laborer. It has been preserved next to his grave. Grave mark of Kadu Makrani.

The actual stone that was dropped on Kadu by a laborer. It has been preserved next to his grave

The actual stone that was dropped on Kadu by a laborer. It has been preserved next to his grave

In 1960 Sadhana Chitra Film Company (India) made a Gujarati film called “Kadu Makrani” to pay tribute to this national hero. The film was directed by Manhar Rangildas Raskapur. There are lots of Gujarati folk songs and poems which talk about honor, courage, bravery and humanity of Kadu Makrani.

Paolo Santoni-Rugiu and Philip J. Sykes in their book called “A History of Plastic Surgery” wrote: “Perhaps the largest series of nasal reconstructions carried out by a single surgeon in the nineteenth century was that of Tribowandas, who operated on over three hundred patients during his career. Born in 1850 to a poor family in Junagadadh, he completed his medical studies in Bombay and then returned home to begin his practice. He was perhaps aided in his career by the presence in the region of a famous bandit, Kadu Makrani, whose principal activity was cutting off noses on commission.”


Final resting place of Kadu Makrani.

Final resting place of Kadu Makrani.

It is true that he used to chop off noses of local informers of British forces instead of taking away their lives, but he was not a bandit. This is not the first time when names like bandit, dacoit, and terrorist are given to a freedom fighter by imperialist mentality. Imperialist writers and their Indian friends tried their best to present Kadu Makrani as a very cruel dacoit but people of Gujarat with their folk songs and poems conveyed the true history to new generation to preserve it.

Kadu Makrani on Wikipedia


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11 responses to “Kadu Makrani: A National Hero

  1. Laxmikant Parmar

    RIP brave freedom fighter. At least his photo, records at karachi jail and the judgement copy should be preserved. If possible find his family members details or the future generations will term it as story or fable (sindbad or arabeian nights) as english wanted to deny him martyr status.

  2. imrankhan

    kadu is nationai hero fect

  3. Akhil Joshi

    Hello! Every one, I want a copy of this movie, if any can help me getting this movie…. Please i need it.
    My id – akhil_om@hotmail.com

  4. shahid baloch

    salam kadu death body was recevied by YAR MOHD BALOCH and his father ABU BAKAR after hanged. yar mohd n abu bakar r kulachi balochi (kulach is a name of place in makran).
    yar mohd’s sisters , brother childern a alived and now a days lived in karachi and available.in malir specially

  5. vasim bloch

    im proud to be an baloch…. with our rich history attached to us…

  6. shakir baloch

    assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah
    my name is shakir mulajay i am from gujrat india i find my realatives in balochistan can u help me…..

  7. ashfaquemakrani

    there are many baloch makrani people in gujarat some are the blood relatives of kadu makrani still residing, these baloch people were called by princely states of india to serve in their army which from 150 years they are settled in gujarat.i myself belong to the mullazai baloch tribe of makran i am knawn film editor in mumbai any baloch brother can contact me on my e-mail id ashfaquemakrani@yahoo.com

  8. Jalalkhan

    I actually swa his film when I was little at Mombasa,Kenya in the 1960 and it was a great movie and when Kadu would appear you hear the reoar from the audience and it also showed his sister as a great fighter too.I also remeber some of the music was in Balouch.i wish I couls have this movie on DVD and if possible please let me know how.
    Thank you so much for bringing me back these beautiful memories.

  9. Ali Raisi

    Yes, the history of this brave and freedom nation of Baloch, is full of brave Robin Hood kind of people. It is well known to historians and anthropologists who have done field work on Baloch, that the Baloch, in their long history, before constituting a modern form of government until the emergence of Mir Chakar Azam, lived in peace in tribes. And each tribe respected the other, and when and incident of insecurity happened, so the tribes together and in cooperation solved that matter peacefully. But when an intruder entered their area, then they would unite and fought. These very brave people, never compromised, on their freedom and dignity. Almost, all members of these tribes, were natural freedom lovers and fighters for that. No, bad words, you could find in their culture, until the Gajars, ( Persians, Qaajaars) and british invaded their land, and brought with them the words. Which I don`t like to bring examples here, but rather refer to the book of Mr. Slig Harrison, In the shadow of Afghanistan, Baloch nationalism and Soviet Temptations, and the field work of anthroplogist, professor Fredric Barth, where they have documented, almost all Baloch, pre-nineteen century have lived Robin Hood style life. Those Baloch, have cared about the weakest of their society, and always have helped the needy ones in all manners they could. And today, the brave son of the very Baloch, are on the mountains of Balochistan, for taking back, what was taken from them by the occupiers and colonialists. And I think it is the duty each and every one of us to help them, to gain back our lost pride and dignity.
    Today, the persian occupier army, have hired gangsters and criminals from the cities of Isfahan, Tehran and other parts of Iran, sent them to Balochistan, to daily humiliate, the same very proud, freedom loving people of Baloch. The same is the history in eastern Balochistan, where the Pakistani establishment, have hired, naive, blind and ignorant villagers from Punjab and from Pashtun areas, to humiliate and eliminate the sons of those historical proud peace and freedom loving Baloch. Where are those, Baloch Robin Hoods? Once I met, a language teacher, who had just changed occupation from being a workder of international Rad Cross to be a teacher. I met her incidentally. My younger brother had just joined me, so I took him to the language learning center. Where i was introduced to her as my being teacher of my brother.
    When she asked me, where I am from? I replied, from Balochistan. I expected, she would not know any thing from my country, but to my surprise, she surprisingly, asked me, if I really was a Baloch? I by replying yes, she then began to tell me about the Baloch!!! She said, she never been in Balochistan, but she felt, she knew the country well because she had lived with the Baloch people 3 long years in Nairobi, Kenya, when she had been posted there!!!
    She, explained, Nairobi in it`s nature is an insecure and unsafe place for every body, but being a lonely woman, more than dangerous!!!
    So, she had tried to find a safe place to live. So, after all investigations, she had done, she had been advised to live in the area, where the Baloch live!!! Because that area used to be the safest in the whole Nairobi. And she had lived all that time she had been posted in Nairobi among the Baloch, and close to their Mosque. She showed me the picture of Baloch people there and there area of living. And she just had good words for Baloch. And I felt a proudness of my people. Feel it, how wonderful it is when some body praises your nation for it`s natural characteristics!!!
    And today, this very proud and peace loving, freedom fighting nation is being crushed on the feet of the barbaric, fascist soldiers of Punjab and Persian!!!
    Imagine. how long can this nation let to be humiliated?
    Long live Baloch and Balochistan

    • Laxmikant Parmar

      Thx, bhai we wish you peace and happiness. I feel tears to listen dr. Allahnazar baloch or Shaheed nawab akbarkhan bugti…. Regards to your shaheeds and lyaante to selfish and dagabaaz punjabi isi n rulers.

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