Baloch observe ‘down with Pakistan’ day in US

WASHINGTON, Aug 28 (PTI) The small Baloch community in and around Washington has observed the third death anniversary of their leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti as “Down with Pakistan” day.

Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti (79), the former governor and chief minister of Balochistan, was killed on August 26, 2006, in a military operation ordered by the then President General Pervez Musharraf.

The protest here was organised by the pro-liberation American Friends of Balochistan. Its activists began their protest in front of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, where Muslim Lakhani, who had heaped praise on the military regime of Musharraf, is a council member.

Source: PTI News

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One response to “Baloch observe ‘down with Pakistan’ day in US

  1. We are of the opinion that unless & until the real
    culprits, whose hands are soaked with innocent
    Baloch blood, are not brought to justice. All relevant
    talks about negotiations are nothing other than to
    cool down the force & strength of Baloch resistance
    and once again deceive the Sarmachars to lay down
    their arms. But we would like to warn the Paki authorities that their all promises have lost the credibility and no one among Baloch nation trust
    them. It was a great mistake on the part of H.H Khan Kalat Mir Ahmed Yar Khan, who trusted his
    most reliable friend Jinnah, who betrayed him in
    1948. Then Mir Nouroze Khan Zarakzi who trusted
    the SIGNED QURAN by Tikka Khan in 1960 and
    agreed to sit on negotiating table, as to avoid further blood- shed and solve the problem in a
    peaceful manner; which resulted in the martyrdom
    of his sones & nephews, who were hanged by Paki.
    whereas he lost his life in the prison cell. In 1973
    Bhutto and Shah of Iran conspired against the
    Balochistan’s elected government & dismissed it.
    Governor Ghous Bakhsh Biznjo, Chief Minister
    Attaullah Mengal togather with all his cabinet
    members were arrested and put behind bars. A
    reign of terror was let loose against innocent and
    unarmed citizens of Balochistan, which resulted
    in the loss of thousands of innocent Baloch. Paki
    & Iranian Aircrafts indiscriminately bombed the
    civilian populations; killed thousands of Baloch,
    their houses and villages entirely wiped out, their
    land with crops were burnt and seized, their livestocks were taken into custody and sold to
    Punjabis in open auctions. They were deprived of
    all sources of living and forced tomigrat from their
    forefathers’ land and take refuge in neighbouring
    Sind & Punjab areas. The results of these acts of
    general Genocides resulted in the Coup de etate
    against Bhutto in Pakistan & his collaborator the
    Shah Of Iran; both these tyrant Rulers were wiped out from the surface of the earth. No one remain
    to shed tears for them. But the Baloch are still
    living and defending their honor and Motherland
    with more in number and spirit. Finally the Paki
    military junta under the command of Gen. Be Sharraf has soaked their hands with the blood of one of their staunchest suppoters AkberKhanBugti
    who opened his doors for peaceful negotiations.
    But Be-Sharraf was so much intoxicated with
    unchalanged power that he refused to sit with him and settle the affairs in a cordial manner. Bhugti
    has reached the highest stage of survival as a
    Martyr but where is now Besharraf who is hidding his face from his own people and counting his days in isolation. He was boasting of his 45 years of military career. He has done no good to his own countrymen neither to his immediate neighbours
    Finally his Khaki uniform was removed from his
    body and was left naked among the world populace
    These are the punishment of Al-Mighty God. No dictators, whatsoever he might be can remain on the surface of this earth for ever, but has to face ultimate punishment from God. BeSharraf has
    finally escaped for the moment but those who were martyred by him are still enjoying the high
    tribute among his people and have become immortals.
    Finally we are thankful to those Baloch who are
    living in USA, Europe and Middle East; and who
    have celebrated the 3rd anniversary of Martyrdom
    of Nawab Akber Khan Bughti and paid homage to
    Baloch Martyrs all over the world. They have the honour of being the Roving Ambassodors of Baloch nation. They must stand togather and defend the case of Baloch in International Fotums.
    Our prayers and unhesitating supports are assured.

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